causes of water damage

When to seek the help of professionals for water damages?

When you are living in a house of your own you will face day to day issues. You have to maintain and try to solve these household issues. Water damage is one of the damages that can happen at any time but you can find an easy way to avoid it. There are a few reasons of causes of water damage. In any case, you have to contact Water Damage Restoration Companies in Stockbridge GA.

If you ignore any of the initial water damage signs then, it might cause a great leak or flood that can become a devastating thing to handle. It is also a very expensive process sometimes to repair walls and floor damages by water. According to studies, one of the main reasons to claim insurance by homeowners was water damage and freezing issues. Causes of water damage are mostly natural and human-made.

Looking for the companies and plumbing options for your water damage problem can be a real hectic job. You can look to a good business listings site like HighFive listings, where you can easily find the best water restoration companies. But before doing so, you need to know about a few reasons that cause water damage. So you can find them on time and solve the issue to avoid any serious damage in the future.

Plumbing faults

These are some of the main causes of water damage. Faults in previous plumbing work can serve as a major reason behind any water damage. It is usually the most common and frequently occurring issue. To avoid it you can conduct once a year plumbing inspection by a professional plumbing inspector. In this way, you can monitor if there are any major problems with the plumbing system or not.

You don’t specifically need to worry about the plumbing pipes if they are of good quality. Plumbing pipes usually have a long lifespan. For example, copper pipes have 50 years lifespan. Whereas, brass pipes have 70 years of lifespan. But if you are using galvanized steel pipes then you should check them especially if they are quite old. They have a duration of 20 to 50 years lifespan.

And if the PVC of your drain pipes are properly maintained then they can too last for almost as many as a hundred years. Knowing these lifespans of different pipe types is an important thing. It will give you an idea of how you can avoid unnecessary inspection. You can just go to the main reason for the problem without wasting your time in checking the pipes which have nearly no chance of getting damage for fifty years. Contact any local licensed plumber to find out the lifespan of the pipes used in your hose plumbing.  

High water bill

It is another sign of any possible water damage. If the water bill is high than usual, it means that there must be an undetectable leak. One way to safeguard your home from this issue is to buy a water leak sensor. It will send an alert to your phone whenever there will be a leak.

Check all the soft spots for possible moisture. These spots include toilets, showers, sinks, and tubs. Keep a check and balance all the loose tiles present. Look for any discolored floorboards, if you have a refrigerator and dishwasher with a water line.

Bursting water pipe issues

Bursting of water pipes is a normal thing especially during severely cold weather. If you have pipes like swimming pool supply lines, any water sprinkle lines, or any other pipe with minimum insulation, then pipe bursting can happen more often. This is because these pipes run against the exterior walls.

One way to avoid this bursting pipe issue is by protecting the pipes when the temperature reaches the freezing point. Use pipe sleeves or maybe heat tape to insulate the pipes. Try to keep the garage door closed if you have water supply lines in there. This will help in avoiding any water leak damage. Open the kitchen and bathroom cabinet door from time to time, to let the circulation of warmer air.

Water damages due to washing machines

Breaking down of washing machine could be a catastrophic thing. You cannot even imagine the number of water gallons that could potentially spill out within an hour. Yes! You read it right, this happens if there is any damage to the supply hose or there is any faulty connection to the washing machine or wall.

If the washing machine is located in a portion other than the ground floor, then there is a high chance of such water damage. Replacing the washing machine supply hose at least once every five years can avoid this issue. Try to load fewer clothes in your washing machine, constant stuffing can cause cracks.

Damages dues to aging water heaters

Replacing water heaters every 100 years is a good way to avoid water damages. Since these water heaters have a shelf life, so you can wait until they start leaking. You can look up the manufacturer’s sticker and serial number on it to find the lifespan of water heaters. Because its old lifespan can be one of the causes of water damage.

Check the signs of mold, corrosion, or moisture build-up by regularly inspecting the water heater. You know it's time to call a plumber when the water isn’t as hot as it is used to be. Or when there is rust coming from the faucets. It's time to get it fixed before causing further damages.

Water damages due to cold weather

Clean the rain gutters and downspouts in case of inclement weather. your home should be weatherproof to tackle any snowstorm. Check if there is any cracked caulking. The snow water that backs up can leak and cause damage to the doors, ceilings, and other parts of your home. To avoid this kind of leakage, insulate your attic. It will keep the heat rising.

These were the most common causes of water damage that can occur at any time. So after seeing any of these signs immediately contact a good water restoration company

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