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Types Of Stapler Gun For Interior Design Work

A stapler is not only for clipping papers. There is work inside the house, office or furniture that requires stapler to do complicated work and make it easy like it is nothing.

Staple guns come in different designs. They are classified according to their power source and the type of work they can do. Some staple guns are highly powerful to work on heavy-duty jobs. It is essential to check out the various kinds of staple guns available in the market before choosing the best. You have to go for the best staple gun to realize the best experience as you work on different stapling jobs. Here are the common types of staple guns available:


Upholstery staple gun

The upholstery staple gun plays a great role when working on upholstery installation. They are, in most cases, lightweight staple guns that drive staples into the wooden surfaces to hold the upholstery in position. You can find them powered by electricity or even manual action. The staple guns come in unique designs that meet the needs of upholstery fitting projects. They are small in size to fit in the tight spaces as you work on the upholstery.


Manual Staple Guns

They are stapled guns powered by the action of the spring. You have a spring mechanism you have to push using your hand, and they will drive the staples into the surfaces you are trying to secure. The staple gun is very practical. You can apply it in a wide range of applications. There are some areas where access to power can be a problem. In such a case, the use of staple guns can be the best way out. The staple gun is ideal for small jobs. You will find it easy to carry the staple guns around easily. They are applicable in areas such as art frames construction, fastening flyers, and small repairs at home.


Heavy-duty staple gun

In the case of a heavy-duty staple gun, you will need it in heavy-duty jobs. There are some jobs, such as joining dry walls, which require heavy-duty staple guns. You can find them powered by pneumatic systems. In areas where the surfaces to be joined are heavy-duty, you would have to look for a staple gun, which is highly reliable. Going for the heavy-duty staple guns can be a great way to accomplish the heavy-duty jobs.


Electric Staple Guns

An electric staple gun utilizes power from electricity to drive the stables. You will need electric staple guns in medium jobs. They come in simple but practical designs. Unlike manual staple guns, with an electric staple gun, you will need electrical power before you can use it. They are faster than manual staple guns. You will find them very helpful if you would like to accomplish the project faster. The staple guns are lightweight and portable, making it easy for you to move then around quickly. It is easy to sue an electrical staple gun in small spaces. They are ideal for small jobs where you do not want noise.


Pneumatic Staple Guns

Staple guns are ideal for heavy-duty applications. There are times when you would like to insulate your home or join heavy-duty pieces together. They are stapled guns that accommodate heavy-duty use. You will find them a bit noisy when compared to electric staple guns. The pneumatic staple guns are highly durable. Apart from their great durability, they will tend to be noisy. In areas where you need low noise levels, you would be better off if you can go for an electric staple gun. The pneumatic staple guns are noisy, but they will allow you to have a lot of power when driving the staples.

You will have to invest a lot of money when buying the pneumatic staple guns. They are heavy duty guns, which are mostly applied by professionals. Apart from buying a staple gun, you will have to obtain a compressor because they need high pressure to operate. The staple guns may not be ideal for small jobs because you will need to invest a good amount of money to have them running

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