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Air Purifying Language | The Words You Should To Understand

We've selected a glossary of the most generally used words, phrases, and terms that crop up if you are talking air purifying. Brush up on those conditions, and you will find it a lot simpler to understand what may seem.

If you have been looking for a device or speaking to a maintenance specialist, then you may have found yourself wondering what in the world it all indicates! With this in understanding, we've selected a glossary of the most generally used words, phrases, and terms that crop up if you are talking air purifying. Brush up on those conditions, and you will find it a lot simpler to understand what may seem.


Heating, venting, and air purifying. This acronym describes the entire area that encircles air purifying.

Split System

Among the most well-known kinds of air purifying systems used in homes, a broken system is split into two units: inside and out.

Outdoor Unit

It's located outside and pumps refrigerant from its companion indoor unit. You'll often hear this unit known as the condenser or heat exchanger'.

Indoor Unit

The section of an air conditioning unit located within the home provides the conditioned atmosphere into the area. Midea ac price in Bangladesh includes a heating coil, filters, remote signal recipient, and enthusiast.

Multi-Split system

This is a split system in which there is more than just one indoor unit attached to one outside section. The advantage of an AC price in Bangladesh is that you can use it to heat or cool various house regions independently or perhaps keep an even temperature in one big area using two components. Such systems function in either cooling or warming at once.

Ducted method

Ducted methods include an internal fan coil fitted into the roof space of a place. A collection of ducts has been established in several areas throughout the home from this central location, allowing you to quickly cool and heat distinct houses' distinct regions. This presents discreet air-conditioned enjoyment as the only visible components are passing air grilles, relief grilles, and control.

Hedonic system

This is a kind of cooling and heating system that uses liquid heat transport' in other words, heating water up and moving it through pipes installed beneath the ground.

Heating or cooling capacity

The ability output indicates the quantity of heating or reducing the unit can produce.

Air filter

Air filters are designed to catch grime and dirt from the air from clogging the air cleansing system's indoor section.

Air purifier

Samsung ac price in Bangladesh is specifically designed to remove pollutants, toxins pollutants, bacteria, and odors from the air in your home.


You'll reasonably be easy with this one: just, it is the method that controls the cold inside your house. Many thermostats consist of a detector that monitors air temperature and relays this info to the air purifying unit, enabling it to heat or cool the space effectively.


This is a cooling or warming method within one house independently, usually by using separate controls or simply by opening and closing dampers within ducts in each zone.

Heating pump

Another word for a reverse cycle air purifier that could heat and cool indoor spaces. There are three chief kinds: air-to-air water supply and geothermal. Heat pumps are popular for people living in climates with moderate heating and cooling needs.


Pipes can be round or square and are made from many elements, including sheet metal, fiberglass, and vinyl.


It involves a technician checking and analyzing every part in the machine to ensure it complies with specialized codes and the producer's criteria. Once commissioning is completed, the device is ready to go.

Inverter technology

An inverter runs like the accelerator of a car, softly building or reducing energy. Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh may attain the desired room temperature faster and steadily without changes which means uninterrupted comfort and savings in running costs.


A non-ozone depleting refrigerant or fluid transports heat energy between the air purifying system's indoor and outdoor components.


A replacement to the R-410A refrigerant, R-32 is also non-ozone consuming and has a 67% decreased global warming potential factor than R-410A.

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