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A rigid lens or a flexible one is used in direct visualization of a diseased or affected area which employs a series of lens, optic fibers to make path for light to convey the image on the eyepiece.

An illuminated optical, typically slender and tubular instrument used as a viewing system to look deep into the body and used in procedures as Endoscopy, Biopsy and Surgery is called an endoscope. Specialized instruments are named after their target organ. Examples include the cystoscope (bladder), rhinoscopy (nose), Hysteroscopy(uterus),  nephroscope (kidney), bronchoscope (bronchus), arthroscopy (joints), colonoscope (colon), laparoscope (abdomen or pelvis)

There are two types of endoscope equipment to broadly classify

•    Rigid Endoscope
•    Flexible Endoscope

A rigid lens or a flexible one is used in direct visualization of a diseased or affected area which employs a series of lens, optic fibers to make path for light to convey the image on the eyepiece. 

Since different kinds of endoscopes are required for different procedures the question arises from where to get the required equipment and what all to look for before investing in them. There are a few firms who believe in adding value for providers, payers, and patients by providing endoscopy and surgical instruments which are cost-efficient, forward, modern and all about the product quality. One such company that stands out in the market is DIASURGE MEDICAL.

Diasurge ensures leading product qualities which are made in compliance to the issued regulatory standards. We make cost effective products which in turn brings down the cost of endoscopy but that doesn’t mean it comes with a compromise of quality. We strive for great customer experience and satisfaction. We make rigid endoscope with instruments for Laparoscopy,

Arthroscopy, Hysteroscopy and Gynecological endoscopy, Urology, ENT and Cystoscopy & Resectoscope.
Diasurge provide the one stop solution for all your sales and service needs of endoscopes and related MIS Instruments. Our services provide configure full coverage of all endoscopy systems. Through our Service Department, we offer Sales and Technical training to our customers in order to increase their ability to provide better services.

Few procedures where Diasurge endoscope is used are

•    Laparoscopy- surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen
•    Endoscopy- examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body
•    Arthroscopy- Viewing and treating of joints through a key hole surgery
•    Resectoscope- surgeries of the uterus, prostate, bladder, or urethra
•    Cystoscopy- To examine the inside of the bladder and urethra in detail
•    Colonoscopy- examines the lining of large intestine for abnormalities

Apart from these, other endoscopy procedures include Proctoscopy, Mediastinoscopy, Laryngoscopy, etc.

Diasurge Medical ranges of Rigid Endoscopy system with Endo - Telescope & Surgical Instruments quality is ISO & CE Certified. Some products by Diasurge Medical that can be useful in assisting various types of endoscopy are:-

Rigid Endoscope: rigid endoscopes have a series of high-resolution optical glass rod lenses. The endoscopes can be forward viewing (0 degrees) or different angled degrees to allow visualization out of the axis of the telescope and increase the FOV by rotating the instrument. The optical quality of lens-generated images of rigid endoscopes still surpasses that of the fiber-optic or digital images produced by flexible scopes. Diasurge equipped with 1080 HD Camera with CMOS Chip, LED Cold Light Source, CO2 Insufflators, Suction Irrigation Pump, Surgical Scope, HD Medical Monitor, Endoscopy Trolley and an extra tray makes it a complete package and that too at an affordable price.

1080 HD Camera with CMOS chip: this inexpensive endoscopy camera is fully HD with high resolution. The sensor and camera are designed to transparent imaging with help of light source

LED Cold light source: It is adopted by the latest LED technology with higher brightness lower consumption and long working. It’s suitable for all procedures.

CO2  Insuffilator: The Diasurge insufflator  has a high maximum flow rate and advanced functionality. It enhances performance and reliability in demanding surgical-laparoscopy environments.

Irrigation Pump: Diasurge Irrigation pump for endoscopy the new software and technical enhancements make FLUID CONTROL ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Suction irrigation Pump: Diasurge suction irrigation pump optimum adjustment of pressure and flow parameters allows for effective tissue rinsing and effective aspiration of fluid during laparoscopic procedures

 These are a few products amongst many by Diasurge Medical. Consider only Diasurge Medical for all your future and forthcoming requirements.

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