All-About The Women’s Toupees: Cost, Size, Types And More

Women toupees have become a fashion symbol, and their demand continues to rise. Know all the pricing of these hair accessories in this section.

When you set out to shop for the perfect toupee for yourself, the process can be quite overwhelming. With so many types of hairpieces available at different costs, all the options present before you can be enough to leave you perplexed.

Various facts impact the cost of women's toupees, and the following are some of the essential factors:

1. The Types of Wig Cap 

The type of cap and the feature can significantly impact the wig costs. The most standard kind of caps come with classic and open caps that are less expensive because they are manufactured using a machine. However, monofilament, lace front, and hand-tied caps are all hand made, thereby increasing the costs associated with them. Hand-tied caps are the most expensive type of caps as they are entirely hand-made and provide a natural appearance. Monofilament top wigs, double monofilament wigs, and frontal lace wigs offer more comfort and support.

2. Types of Women’s Toupee

Women’s toupees are manufactured using different materials, and that significantly determine the costs. Following are the top materials used in the formation of women’s wig:

  • Human Hair - Human hair is one of the most popular types of toupees. It is the most expensive because they are available in limited quantities. Additionally, human hair hairpieces require high maintenance as it requires constant use of styling products to eliminate frizzing. Human hair comes in different qualities, and each one comes with a distinctive price tag. 
  • Synthetic Hair - If you are looking for cheap wigs, then synthetic toupees are an ideal option for you to try. You can also opt for heat-friendly synthetic hair, where you don’t have to worry about dealing with frizz. It also comes with different materials that come with different prices. 

3. The Length of Your Hair

The length of your existing hair plays a vital role in determining the cost of the toupee you choose. The longer the toupee, the higher will be its cost. The price would especially add up if you opt for human hair. 

How Much Should you Pay?

Expensive wigs worn by high-profile people can cost up to a couple of thousand dollars while you can purchase cheap wigs at a love store for as low as USD 30. Moreover, mid-range wigs that you are buying directly from a hair company can cost around USD 200 minimum. Natural hair wigs for the apparent reasons will cost more. You can expect the cost to range between USD 500 to 2000, based n the colour, length, and the cut of the hair you are buying. 

How to Buy the Ideal Toupee for Yourself?

Once you are well aware of the price that you will be paying for women’s toupee, the whole process will be much more comfortable and streamlined. However, we have mentioned some important tips below that will help you find the right hairpiece at the correct costs - 

  • As mentioned above, toupees are made using different materials - human hair, synthetic hair, and sometimes it is the blend of both. While it is expensive, it is better to opt for human hair as it gives a more natural appearance. 
  • Women’s wig are available both offline and online market, therefore make sure that you compare the prices. This way, you can ensure that you avail the best deal.
  • You may settle for less expensive options to cut costs, but it will eventually cost you more. So make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the toupee. 

And there you have it, a brief and practical guide to buy quality toupee at the right price. While choosing the right women's toupees can get hard, your local hairpiece store is the best place to start. One thing that you need to ensure is that the store you are buying from sources the best wigs and toupees and give you the option of ordering custom hair systems. 

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