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How All Natural Vaginal Lubricants works?

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An uneasy vagina during intercourse can ruin the moment for both of the participants. The reasons behind it can be many the lack of natural lubrication is one of the most common reasons behind it. People do recommend using Sex lubes during intercourse as it helps the penetration easy and satisfying. There are a lot of options available in the sex gel segments, and you can buy the best one without any hesitation. But how to choose the right one among a variety of lubricants for sex which is available with different names and composition mentioned on them? This article will help you to know more about natural lubricants and how to deal with issues of vaginal dryness.


  • Water & Electrolytes:

Due to less intake of proper drinking water dehydration is a common problem among women. It is also one of the reasons due to which vaginal dryness occurs. If you want that such issues should not happen then do consume an adequate amount of water with proper electrolytes according to the type of physical activity you perform.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Olive oils, when consumed in the regular diet, can help you to avoid a lot of vaginal related problems. Here if possible do try a deep massage with the Olive oil at your private parts. You can also use a teaspoon of it inside your vagina and then give a proper massage twice a day for better results. Olive oil is one of the oldest lubricants for sex which can also be used during foreplay.

  • Oil of Evening Primrose:

Talking about natural sex lubes the use of Oil of Evening Primrose cannot be avoided. If possible, you can use it overnight by inserting a little amount of it into your vagina. The oil is available in a capsule so that you can use the right amount to get the desired results.

  • Try Foreplay:

Foreplay helps your partner to release natural juices in the vagina and hence naturally the private turns wet enough for easy penetration.  Sex lubes can be used during foreplay along with vibrators or dildos. Use of Sex toys and the right amount of sensations during foreplay can do the work for you. Do remember that sex with dry skin is not easy to perform and is quite painful for both of the parties. Here you do need a sex gel to make the vagina comfortable enough to handle a penis or a sex toy.


You can purchase different types of lubricants for ultimate pleasure.  Based on requirements and compositions a vast variety of branded sex lubes or sex gels is now easily available online. They carry the right smell and provide the comfort which lets you perform better. Enjoy shower sex or perform on the bed, a proper lubricant will help you to enjoy most of it, and it will also prevent skin related problems which are very common during rough sex.  So what are you waiting? Choose the one which suits you best and experiences your playtime like never before.
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