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All You Need to Know About ISO 9001 (QMS) in Philippines

ISO 9001 is the Quality Management System standard which specifies the quality of product or service offered by the organization. This blog will give you a complete understanding related to ISO 9001 in Philippines, starting from its specification, the process, benefits of getting ISO 9001 certified and how you can get your organization ISO 9001 certified.

International Organization for Standardization popularly known as ISO is an independent international organization that is involved in the process of setting international standards for almost everything, be it food safety, healthcare to employee safety etc.

It was founded in the year 1947 and currently it has members from across 167 countries. It has published around 22,000 standards (2019 data of ISO) and one among them is ISO 9001 (Quality Management System).

Specifics of ISO 9001 (QMS)

ISO 9001 standard is referred to as the Quality Management System or QMS standard. It sets regulations for implementing a proper process quality in line, in simple words ISO 9001 certified organization means that the process quality of the product or services offered by the organization is complied with international standards.

The most updated and recent version of this standard was published in the year 2015 hence it is also referred to as ISO 9001:2015 in almost every case. 2015 is just the reference year to provide organizations clarity of what they are opting for.

ISO 9001 is the most basic ISO standard that is compatible with all other ISO standards. Most of the organization irrespective of their size, nature of operation opts for this quality standard certificate. It is dedicated to every organization who wishes to improve their process quality.

PDCA Cycle for ISO 9001

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) is the most efficient phenomenon to be followed for implementing ISO 9001 for your organization; I will break it down for you.

PLAN: As from the name it is quite evident that this stage involves proper planning. Planning in the sense, you have to do a quick check of the overall process manuals which are applied within your organization and look for any shortcomings that doesn’t comply with ISO standards.

DO: In this stage of the process you implement what you have planned in the first stage, this is basically the implementation part of the process.

CHECK: This stage can be considered as the monitoring and control phase of the process, where you monitor the actions that you have implemented in the second stage and make a thorough check of whether the process is performing as per planned.

ACT: This is the final stage in the process and perhaps the most crucial phase where you ACT in order to remove all the shortcomings that you observed in the previous stages and make the organization’s process comply with the international standards set up by ISO.

Benefits of getting ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 certification in Philippines has multiple benefits both from producers as well as consumers point of view.

·   ISO 9001 is customer centric standard hence it helps to acquire new customers and provide satisfaction to the previous customers.

·   It helps to employ an efficient production and delivery chain within the organization.

·   It increases profit of the organization as you have an efficient management system at place.

·   It is compatible with almost all the ISO standards.

This is only a few among the wide benefits of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) in Philippines.


There are around “one million” organizations in across 170 countries that have been ISO 9001 certified and have increased their revenue just by implementing this quality standard. In the same manner there are hundreds and thousands of different ISO Certification in Philippines that have benefited a lot of organization in Philippines.

If you want to get your organization ISO certified, you must know that ISO only sets standards, it doesn’t provide certificates to organization. This part is done by various other bodies based on the needs of the organization.

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