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AOL Desktop Customer Care +1-877-915-2298 Phone Number

Please note that AOL Desktop Gold is a premium service and if you are a new user then you need to purchase the AOL membership first and then only you can use the services of AOL Desktop Gold. Before you download the application, make sure that you have bought the services of AOL Gold. There are issues that you can face while installing the AOL Desktop Gold for which you can require external assistance.

AOL Desktop is a platform through which you can use your AOL account. AOL Desktop can help you manage your mails in an organized and sorted manner. AOL has been one of the oldest email servers in the world and it is trusted by a lot of people. But this software is susceptible to damage just like any other platform is and hence you can lend in certain types of troubles while using it. You can require the services of AOL Desktop Customer Care Phone Number to find help for the issues that are plaguing your machine. Below is the list of issues that can tinker with the way you use your AOL Desktop platform-

  • AOL Desktop Setup incomplete. Certain problems can spring up while you are setting up the application in your device. There are instances when the installation process can be hampered because of an array of reasons. In some cases there is an incomplete package.
  • AOL Desktop Gold hanging on regular basis. Your software can sometimes fluctuate at a regular rate, freezing at the launch or while operating it. This constant unresponsiveness can also take place if your software has been intruded by vicious elements such as malware. It can also become nonoperational when your network port configuration is not in the right place. This issue can also surface if you are carrying out your network functions through a Proxy Server. Thus acquiring the proper network settings is central to use the software.
  • There are times when you are unable to remember the password associated with your AOL account. In these cases, you look for methods to recover your password so that you can access your email. You can undertake a number of methods to reset your password; you can complete the process by sending a password link to your Secondary Mail or you can get the retrieval code through your Registered Phone Number. Your credit card credentials can help you to recover your password.
  • Internet issues. There are times when your software ceases to function if your internet is not working properly and there are network issues. Hence troubleshoot the internet problems to resolve the issue
  • Icon related to the software not found. Your software’s icon enables you to open the program and it is the only avenue through which you can use the software. Your icon can go missing sometimes and it hampers the functions related to your AOL account. Your icon can’t be found sometimes if it has been overtaken by a bug or a malware. It can also go missing if the system files related to the AOL Desktop Gold have been affected in some way or are eliminated because of the presence of a bug in the system.

These are some of the most common problems that are related to the operation of the platform but there are various other advanced reasons that cause your application to work abnormally. Sometimes you are unable to find the root cause of the issue. In these cases you need some form of outside assistance and do away with the problems that can influence your software. You can acquire such assistance by using the AOL Desktop Customer Care Phone Number. If you use the number then you can also receive help while establishing the software and it can also help you to take care of other issues. There are a number of issues that can plague your software but things can take the things for worst if the icon of the program is absent from the device.

You can only access the program and use its functions through the AOL Desktop Gold icon. However there are instances when the AOL Desktop icon is not found in the device despite the application set up on your system. If the icon goes missing then you are no longer able to use your application as per the normal routine. There are various other situations under which your icon disappears. Below is the list of reasons that can affect your AOL Desktop Gold icon-

  • You can put an end to the removable broken icons from the list of temporary files. AOL Desktop Gold icon can disappear if the amount of broken shortcuts has gone over the threshold.
  • If malware has intruded in your system then the influence can also extend to the AOL Desktop Gold software. The malware controls all functions related to the AOL mail and if you come across the kind of a trouble then your software has been unable to identify the threat and has been taken out of the equation. If you encounter this issue, you can address the problem by using the AOL Desktop Customer Care Phone Number.
  • In some instances the icon just goes missing without any prior reason. In such a case go to the Utility Centre and turn on viewing. It is among way of the methods to recover the AOL Desktop Gold icon. This is one of the reasons why your icon can go missing. You can keep the icon in the Dock view to avoid such a situation.
  • If the central files attached to the software have been damaged then you can also face this issue. You may to setup your software from the scratch to take care of this situation.
  • Missing updates or failed updates. The icon can also go missing if you have skipped an update. Thus it becomes essential to be up-to-track with the updates linked to your software.

The list describes some of the situations that can cause your software to behave in an erratic way. However there are other reasons why your software can give you trouble and leave you in disarray. You can make use of the AOL Desktop Customer Care Phone Number in such instances and look for ways to get hold of your issues. It is vital to regularly check the components related to the AOL Desktop Gold and you can always call the number if you are in a pinch.

How To Reset AOL Gold Password

To operate an Email, one requires the username and password and then only one a user can sign-in. There are instances when a user can tend to forget the password despite applying it since a considerable amount of time. Once you can't apply your password, you are not be able to Sign in to your account and carry out the basic functions related to your Mail. You must first also learn how to download AOL Desktop Gold. You can look for ways to reset the password and although there can be basic Stages, you need detailed guidelines sometimes. There are several on how to reset AOL Gold Password and the most basic method can be undertaken by following the pointers given below-


  1. First, go to your browser if you don't have the Desktop Gold application missing or just go to the Desktop Gold if it is installed in your system.

  2. In the next step, enter your complete Email Address linked to your AOL Account.

  3. Click on Sign In option which is embedded in a blue rectangular box on the right hand side of your screen.

  4. Once you click on it, you can notice the "Forgot Password" option just underneath the Sign in button. Insert your username again and the click on Next to continue further. You must use the browser if you AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding.

  5. After you click on Next, you will be then taken to a new screen where you have to enter your registered phone number.

  6. Then enter your phone number and then elect the method through which you want to receive the verification code. There are two ways through which you can receive the verification, through a phone call or a text message.

  7. Enter the verification code you got through the text message or call. Click on Verify and you will be taken to a new screen.

  8. In this new screen, you can create a password of your own choice. Create a strong password and make note of it if you fear you can lose the password in future.

You can choose other methods through which you can retrieve your password. Some of these methods involve inserting the alternate email and asking the server to send a message on it. You can also recover your password if you use the auto fill function on your browser, in this case you just need to visit the section where all of your passwords are saved. This is how you can reset your password. however, there are times when your email can be hacked by an attacker. In such cases, you can get concerned about your personal details like your Credit Card number. If you ever find yourself in such trouble, feel free to call us and get immediate assistance related to problems like AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing. We are always available to help you and we have composed a sturdy team of IT experts who are well-versed in matters related to the email service. We can also guide you when you want to learn how to install AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Desktop Gold is an AOL based mail server application for Desktop, which helps you manage your AOL account without using a web browser. To install this application, you need to first ensure if you meet the minimum system requirements. Having AOL Gold Desktop can ease your operations related to your AOL account and hence you should set it up to get the best out of your AOL mail services.

  1. First, you need to download the application. You can download it by going to the official webpage of AOL. Make sure you download the application which is only for AOL members, as the other versions are for users who are not AOL members, hence they’d have to pay a fee for AOL membership.

  2. The download will begin once you click on the downloadable file and the whole process will take a little amount of time, depending upon the speed of your network.

  3. The file will download in the specified folder. Click on the file that you just downloaded to start the installation process.

  4. Enter your AOL email and password to begin the installation process when asked.

  5. Then tap on Run to start the installation process in the new tab.

  6. For existing users, ask AOL to send a confirmation mail to your inbox.

  7. Once you receive the confirmation mail, click on the option to download AOL Desktop Gold.

  8. As you download the file, you would then simply have to click on it to start with the installation process of AOL Desktop Gold.

Please note that AOL Desktop Gold is a premium service and if you are a new user then you need to purchase the AOL membership first and then only you can use the services of AOL Desktop Gold. Before you download the application, make sure that you have bought the services of AOL Gold. There are issues that you can face while installing the AOL Desktop Gold for which you can require external assistance. You can get such assistance by contacting us. We provide all kinds of services related to the AOL mail. Apart from installation, we can also help with other issues that can affect the way you use AOL. You can contact us anytime and we ensure that you will get the best of services.

AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding

You need your AOL Desktop Gold application to run seamlessly if you need to conduct operations related to your AOL mail. Despite its reliability and ease, there can be troubles with the software. It can crash, freeze and hang at a constant rate sometimes. It can be because of various reasons. You can see certain errors on the screen while your software is collapsing again and again. To resolve this problem, you need to get to the crux of the issue first.

  1. Poorly configured network settings- If you are using a proxy server then you can face troubles while using AOL. These port settings are related to your server and the network configuration. If you have a faulty D.N.S then you need to insert certain units to make your Email server work. In such cases, the value differs as per the system requirements and the proxy server. You can call us on our number and we can help you in setting-up your proxy server in a manner through which you can use your AOL Desktop Gold software without any impediments.

  2. Attack by a malware- Your system can be attacked by a virus which can cause your software to shut down. In such cases, your software doesn’t load because the malware has encroached upon it and you are unable to figure out the abnormal behavior of your software in such cases.

  3. RAM being overworked- If your Random Access Memory (RAM) has been laden with too much work then you are unable to open much software and this can be a case why your software isn’t loading or responding.

  4. Windows Tools hampering with the software- Your firewall can also disable the program sometimes, unwittingly. In such cases, you need to add the software to the list of exceptions.

  5. Outdated software- If your AOL Desktop Gold has not undergone the latest update then there can be fluctuations related to the software. In such a case, you need to check if you are using the latest version of the software.

These are some common reasons that can cause your software to perform in a broken manner. There are various other deep-seated reasons as to why your software can become unresponsive. You are not able to trace these reasons at all times and can require assistance to get hold of your problems. You can call our number and get rid of these problems through our team of technical experts. Our experts can identify any problem related to the software and provide speedy solutions. You can call us any time and we’ll more than happy to provide solutions.

AOL Mail Recovery Support

If it has been more than 7 days and user need to Restore AOL Inbox than user can also download AOL email Recovery Software. This recovery tool can help you to restore all the emails user have deleted from their AOL email account even after 7 days. Now user might bethinking how to use this tool to Restore AOL inbox? To under the complete process step by step, user need to contact the AOL email tech support experts. The technical executive gives you all the vital guidelines that you need to use the recovery software and restore the deleted AOL emails.
How to Solve AOL Mail Error 11?
The error “GAH 11” is quite aptly error because it does come as a surprise to plenty of AOL mail clients. AOL Mail Error Code 11 is an indication that your AOL mail account is no longer active now. However, before user think of pushing the panic button, it will probably help to understand why the error occurred in the first place and what user can do to fix it. Your mail account will be deleted for one of three reasons; user specifically requested it, they did not sign in for a year, or their account was used in a way that violated the terms and conditions of AOL Mail. Ideally, user should be able to reactive their mail account by signing in or by contacting AOL mail customer care number  +1-877-915-2298 to check the account activity. User can also have a glance at the basic diagnosing methods mentioned below to try and fix AOL Mail Error Code 11.

Methods to solve AOL Mail Error Code 11
Most technical difficulties related to your AOL email account, including Mail Error Code 11, are caused because of general web browser difficulties or server issues. User can refer to the steps below to solve AOL Mail Error 11:
Step 1: Firstly, update your internet browser before you sign in to your AOL mail account.
Step 2: After that check and repair the Windows registry entries connected to AOL.
Step 3: Further this download and install the newest device drivers for your computer.
Step 4: Now run a comprehensive scan and check your system for malware.
Step 5: After that try and access your AOL Mail account using a different web browser.
Step 6: Now contact your internet service provider to check the connection.
Step 7: Further this use the Windows System File Checker to scan your computer for errors.
Step 8: Now pause or close downloads that may slow your internet speed.
Step 9: Delete the internet browser history and clear the cache when signing in to your AOL Mail account.

Once user go through all the steps mentioned above, they should be able to reactivate their account. However, user should keep in mind that reactivation depends on the time that has passed since user last logged in to AOL Mail. User can use the account recovery flow on the AOL Mail website or call the AOL mail customer support number to confirm if your account was deactivated or deleted. The technicians are available 24 hours a day and will be able to answer any questions user may have about their account. User call the helpline number to get top-quality technical help to fix any problem related to your AOL Mail account.

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