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AOL Desktop Customer Support Phone Number

You can only access the software and carry out the functions related to it through the AOL Desktop Gold icon. However you can encounter a problem if the AOL Desktop Gold icon is nowhere to be found. You are no longer to access your software once the icon is out of the action. Your icon can be missing because of a multiple reasons.

You can manage and sort your AOL account by using a platform dedicated to, this platform is termed as the AOL Desktop Gold. This platform can ease your experience of using the AOL account and help you become sorted when it comes to the services of AOL. Scores of people are dependent upon the operations of the software because it has been found reliable and trustworthy. However users can come across problems of different nature as even this trustworthy software is vulnerable to some situations. You look for immediate solutions in this case as the non-functionality of your platform can lend you in a number of troubles, for which you can contact the AOL Desktop Customer Support Phone Number.

You can only access the software and carry out the functions related to it through the AOL Desktop Gold icon. However you can encounter a problem if the AOL Desktop Gold icon is nowhere to be found. You are no longer to access your software once the icon is out of the action. Your icon can be missing because of a multiple reasons. Here is a listen of situations that can cause the problem stated above-

Virus infection. If a malware has encroached in the device then you can face troubles with the operations related the antivirus and your icon has been wiped away because of its presence. The malware can inject itself in the system and sap out the components and if you are put in such situation then your security software has not been able to track the antivirus. Calling the AOL Desktop Customer Support Phone Number can help you in such cases.
There are instances when the icon is displayed for no concrete or traceable reason. In such a case access the Utility Centre and then turn on the icon view. You can recover your icon by following this method. Keep the icon in the Dock part of the Windows to avoid such annoyances.
Delete all the temporary files related to the program. Your icon can disappear if there has been a deposition of broken shortcuts in your device.
You can’t locate the icon if the components related to the software have gone missing or have been damaged. You may have to undergo the installation process again and establish the software from the initial period.
Errors associated with a failed update. Your icon can also go missing if you have been unable to install the latest update that is linked to the software. Outdated software’s icon can go missing and hence you may be required to upgrade the software at an immediate notice so that it is up and running.
These are some of the reasons because of which your icon can’t be found in the device. Apart from the icon related problems there are various other issues that can tinker with your functions. You can call the AOL Desktop Customer Support Phone Number to make sure that you are able to retrieve the icon that enables you to launch the software and aid you in helping operations that are associated with an AOL account. Now, moving from the icon problem, we must grasp the situations under which you can software can show signs of fluctuations. These are reasons because of which your software can behave in the most abnormal ways-

Hanging and freezing at a regular rate. You can see the signs of decay in the software when it is not behaving in a proper manner. If the Desktop Gold software is crashing at a regular then a number of factors can be at play. One of the reasons why your software can freeze constantly is related directly to the performance of your device. If the RAM of your system has been overworked then you are unable to use the software in a normal manner.
AOL Desktop Gold Installation failed. You are also unable to use the application if there has been an error related to the setup of your software. This problem can come into the fray if the file downloaded by you has been damaged or compromised in some manner. Make sure you download the file from a legitimate source and that you avoid accessing phishing websites.
You are unable to use your AOL account if you have forgotten the password that is related to your mail services. In such instances, you look for retrieval process that can enable you to use your mail account normally. There a different types of methods to reset your password; you can do so by asking for a recovery link to be sent to your secondary or you can acquire the retrieval code by a text sent on your Registered Phone Number. To recover the password, you can also your credit card information.
Network issues because of a poor connectivity. Your software can show some types of performance errors if the internet connection is not working properly and showing signs of non-connectivity. You can also face problems with accessing the software when you are using a proxy server or have inserted different values for your port settings.
AOL Desktop Gold Icon missing. There is only one method through which you can access the software and that is through the icon of the software. When your icon goes missing, you are unable to open the software and take care of your mail-related activities. There are a multiple reasons as to why you can face this problem. Your icon can go missing if your software has been compromised by malware or virus. You are also unable to track the icon if the core files related to the software have been damaged or are simply missing out of the picture.
Hence there are multiple reasons because of which you are sometimes unable to make use of the AOL Desktop Gold software for your mail operations. If a problem lingers for too long then you may be prompted to connect with the AOL Desktop Customer Support Phone Number.

AOL Mail Recovery Support

If it has been more than 7 days and user need to Restore AOL Inbox than user can also download AOL email Recovery Software. This recovery tool can help you to restore all the emails user have deleted from their AOL email account even after 7 days. Now user might bethinking how to use this tool to Restore AOL inbox? To under the complete process step by step, user need to contact the AOL email tech support experts. The technical executive gives you all the vital guidelines that you need to use the recovery software and restore the deleted AOL emails.
How to Solve AOL Mail Error 11?
The error “GAH 11” is quite aptly error because it does come as a surprise to plenty of AOL mail clients. AOL Mail Error Code 11 is an indication that your AOL mail account is no longer active now. However, before user think of pushing the panic button, it will probably help to understand why the error occurred in the first place and what user can do to fix it. Your mail account will be deleted for one of three reasons; user specifically requested it, they did not sign in for a year, or their account was used in a way that violated the terms and conditions of AOL Mail. Ideally, user should be able to reactive their mail account by signing in or by contacting AOL mail customer care number +1-844-502-0074 to check the account activity. User can also have a glance at the basic diagnosing methods mentioned below to try and fix AOL Mail Error Code 11.
Methods to solve AOL Mail Error Code 11
Most technical difficulties related to your AOL email account, including Mail Error Code 11, are caused because of general web browser difficulties or server issues. User can refer to the steps below to solve AOL Mail Error 11:
Step 1: Firstly, update your internet browser before you sign in to your AOL mail account.
Step 2: After that check and repair the Windows registry entries connected to AOL.
Step 3: Further this download and install the newest device drivers for your computer.
Step 4: Now run a comprehensive scan and check your system for malware.
Step 5: After that try and access your AOL Mail account using a different web browser.
Step 6: Now contact your internet service provider to check the connection.
Step 7: Further this use the Windows System File Checker to scan your computer for errors.
Step 8: Now pause or close downloads that may slow your internet speed.
Step 9: Delete the internet browser history and clear the cache when signing in to your AOL Mail account.
Once user go through all the steps mentioned above, they should be able to reactivate their account. However, user should keep in mind that reactivation depends on the time that has passed since user last logged in to AOL Mail. User can use the account recovery flow on the AOL Mail website or call the AOL mail customer support number to confirm if your account was deactivated or deleted. The technicians are available 24 hours a day and will be able to answer any questions user may have about their account. User call the helpline number to get top-quality technical help to fix any problem related to your AOL Mail account.

Basic Needs for AOL Email
When clients wish to start using the services of AOL email, the only thing that they would have to give attention to would be the system needs of this service. It is vital that your device caters to all the necessary system needs of AOL email for it to function efficiently. If your system lacks on these needs, you will face numerous problems while using the AOL Email service. The system needs of AOL email is as given below:
Windows 7 or newer: AOL email works finest with the newest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and AOL Desktop Gold.
Mac OS X and newer: AOL email works the finest when you have the newest version of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on your Mac device.
If you are willing to use AOL email on your mobile device, then make sure that you have:
·        iOS 9.3 or later
·        Android 4.4 or later
If you wish to know more about the system needs of this service, you can attain the required details by ringing up the AOL email helpline number.
How to Contact AOL Technical Support?
AOL offers the client with an efficient way by which they can handle all the difficulties that they might have to face while using AOL email. They give the user with help from highly trained and experienced experts who are capable of offering users with rapid solutions. They make sure that the clients are not caught up with any problem for tooling. They read the situation and the cause of the problem and then give solutions which would eradicate the problem from its roots. This service is available all around the clock, and the clients can connect with them at any hour. This service gives users with 100% satisfaction. Moreover, availing this service does not charge the clients any money which makes it all the more convenient. The clients simply have to dial the AOL email tech support number, and they would get all the help that would be required.
How to solve HTTP error 504 in AOL?
AOL email clients enjoy a secured network that leads them to the state of satisfaction. But there are some things that can irritate them and HTTP error 504 is such a difficulty that should be addressed rapidly to keep your AOL account working. Error 504 problem is an HTTP state code that is also known as 504 gateway timeout failure. Sometimes it happens when a server doesn’t get a straightforward response from others in a way to reload the network page. These servers work together to make sure the clear loading of the network page, but a small interference in their communication may lead to this problem. Now user need to solve the problem at earliest, and user can do so by contacting at AOL customer care number 1844-502-0074.
Root Cause behind the error 504:
There are plenty pf probable reasons that may cause this problem, and user need to know about these reasons to solve the problem:

  • The server slowdown may create the problem
  • Network error may generate the problem at the user’s end
  • Poor internet connectivity may be the big reasons as well
  • In a some of the cases, problem may be because of the computer error
  • Improper DNS configuration may also cause the problem
  • Proxy server settings could be the one the main reason

Simple solutions to solve the error 504 problem:
Now user have seen the root cause, that may be responsible for the problem so user can simply solve the problem to process the exact solutions that are given below:
Solution 1. Once user get the 504 error, then they will unable to open to the web page, but user need to keep refreshing the page and press the F5 key to refresh the page and try to open the page. Sometimes the issue may resolve in a couple of minutes, and user can successfully open the page, but in some cases, the server problem gets deeper, and it may take a few hours to resolve the problem.
Solution 2. User should check all the network connection and reset these network devices. If the difficulties are associated with the router, modem, etc. user can solve it by rebooting all the connected devices.
Solution 3. User can review the proxy settings as well to solve the problem. Incorrect proxy settings are one of the possible reason for the problem, so user need to monitor the proxy settings. Once user locate them and solve them, the error will be gone.
HTTP error 504 is generally linked with the server connections so user can’t do much from their end. User can try at least these steps, and if user is failed to solve the problem, then they should call at AOL tech support number +1-877-915-2298 and get the most prominent help easily.
How to Restore AOL Inbox?
Have you deleted all the vital emails by mistake while deleting the un-important email from your AOL email account? Don’t worry, now user can restore AOL inbox and recover all the deleted emails simply. Usually, when user delete the emails they go in the trash folder, user can bring the emails back to their inbox from trash folder in no time. So, if user have deleted the vital emails from their email account mistakenly, restore AOL Inbox and get all the emails back in the folder.
One thing user need to consider for a successful AOL email recovery is that user can recover only those emails that user have deleted in the past 7 days.
How to recover/retrieve deleted AOL emails?
Below the step by step guidelines, user can follow to recover the emails which user have mistakenly deleted from their AOL mail account.

  • First of all, start your computer and open the default web browser.
  • In the web browser’s search bar, simply enter your AOL mail account email address.
  • Further this open you have opened the tab, enter your AOL username and password to sign-in.
  • Now locate your trash Folder present in the left-hand corner and just double click on theocon.
  • Now, you can see all the deleted emails.
  • After that select all the emails that you want to recover by putting the check mark in front of those emails.
  • Further this choose the Restore option for the AOL mail recovery and after that, all the deleted emails you want to restore will land automatically in your inbox.

So, if user have deleted their vital emails, don’t get anxious as the aforementioned diagnosing steps can help you to restore AOL inbox without any trouble. User can recover the emails just from their trash folder. But ensure, you do it before seven days as after 7 days, you want to able to recover AOL emails.

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