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Why Mi is the Top Brand for Customer Satisfaction in India ?

Customer satisfaction is no mean feat and a true indicator of whether it makes sense to invest in a particular brand. Mi has aced customer satisfaction, and how!

Mi smartphones offer excellent features at extremely competitive rates. These features are often seen in smartphones that are twice the price. Moreover, Mi smartphones have enjoyed popularity because they look like far more expensive iPhones.  These are some of the factors that have made Mi phones popular in India.

Last year, the Mi Note 8 sold out in 15 minutes, and this year, the Redmi Note 9 Pro sold out in one-and-a-half minutes! That’s right, within just 90 seconds, all the Mi Note 9 Pro models on the market were gone! But that’s just popularity. Customer satisfaction is a different ballgame, and is linked to ensuring loyalty; provided the brand in question manages to continue to appeal to the buyer’s pocket. According to a study conducted by 91mobiles, Mi’s parent company Xiaomi — and by extension Mi — enjoys 54% customer loyalty, which is absolutely stunning for a brand that typically targets buyers on a tight budget, or deal-seekers. 

But customer satisfaction takes a lot more than excellent pricing and amazing features, though the popular Redmi 9, and indeed all of Mi’s smartphones do exceed buyer expectations on both counts. Mi smartphones ace both of these, but the brand is clearly also able to ensure that excited buyers are also happy users. 

This has a lot to do with after-sales-service. Proof of this is witnessed in the fact that another study found that 81% of respondents tagged the brands after sales service as excellent, or very good. A Counterpoint Research study also found that Mi’s users were extremely satisfied with the brand’s ability to offer an explanation of the problem, along with offering a tangible solution to the problem. 

Using online presence

Furthermore, the study noted that Mi uses its large online community to help solve a user’s problem remotely. Especially in Indian metros, where a tedious visit to the service center is seen as a nightmare, being able to avoid such a visit and still solve the problem is a dream-come-true for users. 

When users have had to visit the service center, Counterpoint’s researchers found that Xiaomi — the parent company of Mi — was named as the brand where users reported needing the fewest number of follow-up visits. Very few Mi smartphone users said they had to visit the service center twice to solve a given problem. 

No long wait times

In addition, the wait time at service centers is rather low, slightly above 15 minutes, according to the Counterpoint Research study. The brand promises users that they are able to resolve 95% of smartphone issues within four hours of the user handing the phone over to the service center. Let’s say your Mi Note 9 Pro is giving you some trouble; you can simply opt for an e-token on the website or on the app, so as to pre-book your appointment at the nearest service center. According to the brand, this has resulted in a 72% reduction in wait time at service centers. 

It is easier for Xiaomi’s customers to find a service center given the brand’s efforts to ensure service center availability. Users can get their Mi smartphones serviced at over 1000 service centers across 600 Indian cities. 

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