apple watch series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 All the Things That You Need to Know

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch series 5 is not packed with major upgrades but this is the best feature rich smartphone available now in the market.

This is the very first apple watch that has the always on display feature. Previous apple watches did not have the feature due to no reasons. Old watches go screen go dark after few seconds and when you look at the watch it will turn on again. Always on display may not be a big deal but it affected to the higher position of best smartphone rankings.

Also this has features like Hear Health Diagnostic tools, Compass. However, these features improve the smartwatch experience in Apple Watch.

Price of Apple Watch Series 5

The price range for this start from $399. This watch is the small aluminum 40mm model that has GPS. You can have cellular enabled model just for more $100. The 44mm model is $429 and you can buy it with LTE for $520

According to the latest updates there is a discount of $50 for every Apple watch series 5 model.

If you are not interested in Aluminum model then you can have stainless steel series 5 models for $699. Stainless Steel is more prestige than the aluminum models. The Titanium models are starting from $799. If you want the best then you can buy Ceramic special edition for $1299.

Apple Watch Series 5 Display

Always on Display makes you see the time always but nothing after that. But screen does not give the full brightness always it gives a dimmer display in Always on display. When you lower your hand display goes dimmer.

There is a display ambient light sensor. This can easily detect the surround light and it will adjust your Apple watch display brightness according to the environment.

Apple Watch Series 5 Batter life

Normally you can use series 5 watch for 2 days. The always on display is not a battery drainer as you think it is. But Series 3 and 4 can last longer than the Series 5. But overall battery life of the latest Apple watch series is at a good level.

Always-on makes me feel more normal

I'm now using the Apple Watch more like a normal watch. And I keep thinking about all the people everywhere with Apple Watches on, showing blank dark screens. That's eventually going to change. Interesting watch faces will show up. Maybe ones that match the watches' bands. The new watch faces in Apple's newest version of its watch software, WatchOS 6, are great. There are 34 watch faces now, with hundreds of variations. A solar dial face shows sunset and sunrise, with room for adding other bits of info such as the weather or the date. Fresh information-rich watch faces such as Meridian and Modular Compact offer new mixes of shortcuts to apps. Download WatchOS 6 before you get a new Apple Watch, because its added features, which include podcasts and an ambient noise meter, could make your old watch feel new.

But even with these options, I find myself getting bored and looking for novelty. I'd like a watch face store for third-party developers to add unique designs, and that still hasn't arrived. The always-on feature further cements that desire. Maybe this will pave the way for Apple to allow third-party watch faces. Perhaps a curated collection from well-known designers to start? I'd buy a few.

Apple's making the always-on display work via new OLED display technology that slows and dims the display, freezing animations but offering up that always-on readout. One side benefit: The screen autoadjusts better in low light, like in movie theaters. It'll be interesting to see if this display tech ends up in other devices, including future iPhones -- which a lot of people still use as their main device for telling time. (Just for comparison, Samsung first launched an always-on display feature in its phones with the Galaxy S7 in 2016.)

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