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The best apps for movies and series on smart TVs

Do you have smart tv? If so, this post is for you. If you don't, my suggestion is: if you have any money left, buy one. Smart tv is a marvel for those who want to watch movies and series without having to access their cell phone or have a connection from their computer to the TV. You don't even need an Apple TV or Google Chrome. Depending on the brand of TV you have, the apps are almost all on it. . Check out the best apps I've found below.

Looke - The Brazilian platform is a pioneer in mixing subscription with rental. There are plans of R $ 16.90 (one screen), R $ 18.90 (three screens) and R $ 25.90 (five screens) and a collection of 8,000 titles, among films and series that, among other attractions , include sixteen features by Fellini and three by Bernardo Bertolucci. For rent, news such as Bad Boys Forever (R $ 16.99) and O Farol (R $ 14.99).

AppleTV + - The Apple platform has its own productions, such as The Morning Show and Servant. There is also a collection of films for rent, with offers ranging from R $ 3.00 to R $ 12.00. Releases such as 1917 and O Escândalocost R $ 14.90. The monthly fee is R $ 9.90 and there is a week-long tasting. The first chapters of some series are free for a limited time.

MUBI - It is for those looking for classics and cults, by renowned directors and exhibited at festivals. The curatorship is judicious and there is detailed information in each title. The platform has thirty films, available for a month - each day a new one enters and another one comes out. It costs R $ 27.90 per month and has a 30-day tasting at the link .

Clarovideo - It works in two ways. The subscription, which costs R $ 19.90, includes older (but good) films, such as The Master, by Paul Thomas Anderson, and Erin Brockovich, with Julia Roberts. And also the series The Tudorsand Glee. For rental, news such as Divaldo (R $ 14.90) and A Odisseia dos Tontos (R $ 14.90) and cults such as Saturday Night Fever (R $ 6.90).

And Live Nettv is a good choices for android devices. It free for you: Live NetTV - Download free APK for Android

Globoplay - Globo has been investing in exclusive content, such as the Brazilian series All Women in the World, Ilha de Ferro, Archangel Renegado and the documentary Marielle. There is also a great selection of European films, such as ThePast and 120 Beats Per Minute. There are almost 2 000 titles. The annual plan costs R $ 19.90 per month and the tasting period lasts one week.

Google Play - Only rental movies, but with an incomparable variety. The novelties are the same as the other platforms, such as Sonic (R $ 14.90) and Lovely Women (R $ 11.90). The difference is in the classics, rarely available in other apps. Examples: Twilight of the Gods (R $ 4.90), Transviated Youth (R $ 7.90) and War and Peace(R $ 4.90).


HBO GO - News like Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood and Shazam! are common examples. The best is in the rarities, such as the miniseries Angels in America, based on the play by Tony Kushner, and the films The House of Spirits and The Last Film Session. It has a week-long tasting. Monthly fee of R $ 34.90 and free for HBO subscribers via operators.


Telecine - Among the more than 2,000 titles are news such as Ad Astra, Yesterday, A Rainy Day in New York, Black Phoenix and Rocketman. But there are also pearls by Robert De Niro, such as The Untouchables, Indomitable Bulland Once Upon a Time in America. The tasting lasts for thirty days and, afterwards, the monthly fee is R $ 37.90. Free for Telecine subscribers via operators.

Netflix - The streaming phenomenon brings together the largest collection of films and series and has been investing in its own productions, of all genres and in several countries, some of them with Oscar nominations, such as Rome and The Irishman. The subscription price varies according to the number of screens: the basic costs R $ 21.90 and the premium (in ultra HD and four points) costs R $ 45.90.

Prime Video - Netflix's biggest competitor, the Amazon platform costs R $ 9.90 per month and the tasting is thirty days. In addition to great old films, such as The Hunters of the Lost Ark and ET ., Cinema news comes faster, like the animations Dois Irmãos and Toy Story 4. There are also their own productions, among them the series Homecoming and Hunters. The Prime package also includes Prime Music, through the Amazon Music and Prime Reading app, with content for Kindle, as well as free shipping on Amazon products.

Starzplay - You find this new platform within the AppleTV + app. Although it has formidable films, such as Billy Elliot and Encontros e Miscontros , the forte is in the exclusive series, such as The Name of the Rose , starring John Turturro and inspired by Umberto Eco's book. Subscription for R $ 14 , 90 monthly and the trial period lasts one week.

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