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The Segways utilizes 5 spinners (mounted pivoting haggle hub that is allowed to turn toward any path) to empower the Segway to get "self-adjusting" which David Kamen's group authored the adage—Dynamic Stabilization. Alongside whirligigs, the Segway likewise has tilt sensors that screen the client's focal point of gravity 100 times each second, giving the rider a vibe that they're coasting on air.

Segway Smart Balance A8 (10.5 inches) (hoverboard UK)is an excellent solution for those who want to buy a high-quality, but not an expensive model of a hoverboard. 

Its design has a handle that acts as a steering wheel. Thanks to her, you can quickly adapt to the device than to the standard model. 

Segway Smart Balance A8 behaves perfectly not only on asphalt surface, but also when driving off-road. It is very easy to ride this model. It's like walking. Acceleration or deceleration can be performed by leaning the body forward or backward. Use the handle to turn. To do this, you need to turn it either to the left or to the right. 

Model characteristics: 

1. Adjustable handle. 

The steering wheel can be adjusted in height, only from 67 to 113 cm. Thanks to this feature, it is perfect for children, adults and teenagers. The handle is made of aluminum alloy and is equipped with a special non-slip grip for the hands in order to increase the ease of use. The body itself is made of plastic and metal. 

2. Wheels providing high cross-country ability. 

The Segway has small inflatable wheels with a diameter of 10.5 inches (approximately 27 cm). Thanks to their special design, they move well not only on asphalt, but also on a dirt road or off-road, as well as grass or gravel. 

Segway can easily lift you up a small slope. The maximum angle of ascent should not exceed 15-20 degrees. The power of each of the wheels is 500 kW, and together - 1000 kW. 

3. High speed of movement. 

The maximum speed at which the mini-segway can move is 20 km / h. The cruising speed is 15 km / h. One charge can cover up to 20 km. The indicator may vary depending on the type of road surface and driving style. In time it is approximately 3 hours. 

4. High load-carrying capacity with the relative lightness of the device. 

Mini Segway A8 is recommended for use with a load of 120-130 kg. At the same time, the dimensions of the mini-segway are 59x32x32 cm, and the weight is 14 kg, which makes this model the best choice among others. 

5. Original design and a wide range of colors. 

All models feature a modern, segways aggressive design. The abundance of free surfaces can be used for custom designs or decals. The manufacturer offers a variety of models to choose 
from a variety of airbrushing, among which each buyer will find something to his liking. 

6. Self-balancing for the most comfortable and easy ride. 

Self-balancing is represented by a digital control system with Hall sensors. When turned on, the system itself will balance the device, and in the process of moving it will help maintain balance. Original motherboards of the manufacturer with original processors are used. 

7. High quality battery. 

The design uses a Malaysian-assembled Li-ion SMART BALANCE battery. Its main advantages are: 
- large capacity 4400 mAh, 
- a large number of charge-discharge cycles, 
- no memory effect. 

Compared to Chinese competitors, the capacity is really phenomenal. Several years have passed, and no worthy analogs yet exist. Although, you can pick up something cheaper in size. 

The number of charge-discharge cycles directly affects the battery life. The more there are, the better. Now the number of cycles is about 10,000. How many years you will use it can be calculated from the intensity of use. 

8. Shockproof housing. 

The power case is made of aluminum alloy, it works perfectly in torsion and fracture. All mechanical assemblies and electronics are covered with a shock-resistant plastic casing. However, during operation, strong shocks and shocks should be avoided. This can damage the sensitive electronics. By the way, that is why we do not recommend buying rebuilds and booted scooters from hands
, since it is impossible to establish how it was operated. 

9. Ease of management. 

All control is brought to the handle. Control sensors are located close to the wheels. Unlike gyroboards and gyro scooters, the control is brought to the handle. All control points are the same as for conventional segways. Movement and maneuvering is carried out by tilting the control stick. This makes the ride more comfortable. 

10. Built-in backlight for greater driving safety. 

In the evening, we strongly recommend that you turn on the backlight on your device. It works as safety lights. In this case, the likelihood of collision is significantly reduced. However, be careful in the evening as the device is intended for driving mainly during daylight hours. You can't light the road like headlights! 

11. BLUETOOTH module and built-in speakers.

Bluetooth turns on automatically when the device is turned on. To connect your device to your phone, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and scan for devices within range. Your phone will detect a new device, most often the device is called "Bluetooth", click on the found device, a woman's voice on the hoverboard will inform you about the connection and you can listen to any music from your phone.

Segway Smart Balance A8 orange graffiti 10.5 inches two-wheel travel device.

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