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RBI Grade B 2020 Free Mock Test & Latest Test Series

Get Free Mock Tests for RBI Grade B. Also, Get all the Best books for Phase 1 & 2 and focus on understanding and applying what you read and study.

Let us say that you cover the whole syllabus using the above-mentioned books. Well, it is kind of difficult, but I have seen students doing it.  

So you can too.  

After covering the syllabus, it is important to practice for the exam.  

Mock tests are useful only after you cover the entire syllabus & are confident with the preparation. You can start giving comprehensive mock tests 1-2 months just before the examination.

Till then, keep on giving regular quizzes which I organize on my telegram groups and post on the website as well. Here is the link to my telegram group. 

Now that you know all the books and material you need, you’re halfway prepared to take on the challenge of this exam.

It seems like a very large list of books and materials, but I promise you that once you start, it won’t feel impossible.  

The first step was finding out the books. Now that you have done it you are halfway ready. The other half of it is practising.

Practice really does make perfect. While it is important to study and to learn, it is equally important to test and see for yourself how much you have learned.  

I used to spend ages on practice tests before giving the actual exam. I can assure you it made a huge difference to my preparation quality.

Practising allows you to assess your strengths and weaknesses and enables you to prepare further accordingly. 

For the RBI Grade B paper, much of the same applies. I have made your attempt at practising much easier by providing you with a free RBI Grade B 2020 Phase 1 Mock Test at anujjindal.in.

I provide these tests on a daily basis for the RBI Grade B Exam to help you prepare better than what you would have done otherwise.  

How often has it happened to you that you were fully prepared course wise, but you lost marks because you couldn’t finish in time?  

This mock test will make sure that doesn’t happen again. 

It will help you in boosting your performance scores by allowing you to work under a certain time deadline and create almost the same experience of the actual exam.

The mock test is designed keeping in mind the exam pattern of the RBI Grade B exam and thus it matches the level of questions asked.

Click here to get free online Mock Test Paper and test series:- RBI Grade B 2020 Mock Test

This will help you understand two things – your mistakes as well as your weak areas. If your scores are not great, don’t be disheartened. Your failures will help you figure out the road map to success.  

Practising the free tests daily also has benefits, like the fact that it will help you stay updated with current affairs, while also not taking more than 15 minutes of your time.  

The RBI Grade B Officer post is a very prestigious job that is covered by most of the country.

The Reserve Bank of India leads the recruitment and selection process and the competition for the exam is very tough. It goes without saying that you must be at your absolute best in order to stand a chance of cracking it.

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