How to fix Malwarebytes error 14?

How to fix Malwarebytes error 14?

Malwarebytes is a famous anti-malware which is best known for removing PUPs.

Malwarebytes is a famous anti-malware which is best known for removing PUPs. Malwarebytes anti-malware provides advanced device and data protection tools. Malwarebytes is a reliable anti-malware which can protect your device from all the threats. But some Malwarebytes users face error 14 while scanning or installing the antivirus.


Symptoms of Malwarebytes Error 14:

  1. Malwarebytes disable startup
  2. Error 14 appears while scanning the device
  3. Running program interrupts and error message appears on the screen
  4. Malwarebytes 14 error appear while shutting down the device


Causes behind Malwarebytes error code 14:

  1. You have installed incompatible Malwarebytes setup
  2. Another program is conflicting with Malwarebytes
  3. Windows files get corrupted
  4. Junk is conflicting with Malwarebytes scanning process
  5. Deleted Malwarebytes program files


Fixing Malwarebytes error code 14 manually:


Check the system requirements of Malwarebytes antivirus

If you are getting error 14 while installing the setup then click the resource requirements of the Malwarebytes antivirus setup. If the device is not compatible with the computer then search for a compatible Malwarebytes plan for your computer. Sometimes the installation error appears due to incomplete installation or setup download. Reinstall the setup on your device and then check for the error.


Remove the conflicting program

If Malwarebytes error 14 is appearing while running a particular program then a program is conflicting with your Malwarebytes setup. Try updating the program to fix the error. Now again run the program and check for the error. If the error 14 is still appearing with the program then you need to uninstall the program. This type of error occurs when you have installed a malicious program. Remove the program from your device and protect the system from all types of threats.


Uninstall another antivirus program 

Malwarebytes error 14 occurs when you have another antivirus on your computer. You can use Malwarebytes with another antivirus without conflicting issues but you have to make certain changes in the settings. Manage the settings of your Malwarebytes according to the requirements. If you are still getting the errors then uninstall another antivirus from your system.


Repair the registry files

Check the registry files for the error. If the files get corrupted then also the antivirus error can appear. Go to the registry files and repair the Malwarebytes related registry files. Repairing the registry files needs technical knowledge. You should always create a backup for Malwarebytes key before editing the files. Here are the steps for getting a backup for Malwarebytes key:

  1. Open the Windows device
  2. Click on the start button and choose run
  3. Windows run wizard will appear on your screen
  4. Type cmd on the wizard
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. Windows command screen will be displayed
  7. Type Regedit
  8. Hit the Enter button

Windows registry editor will appear. Choose Malwarebytes related key and click on the export button. Edit the file and fix the error. Restart your device and click on the Malwarebytes icon. The dashboard of your Malwarebytes antivirus will appear. Select the scan button and remove all the malware from your device.


Remove the temp files

The temp files of your device can also create conflicting issues with your antivirus. Don’t forget to delete the temp files from your computer. When the error appears, check the temp files and delete them immediately. Along with temp files, other junk can also create conflict with the programs. In Windows, you can use a clean manager tool for removing all the junk files. You can follow the mentioned steps to remove system junk:

  1. Open the device and click on the Start button
  2. Type run and hit the Enter button
  3. Windows run bar will appear
  4. Type cmd and press Enter button

You will see the Windows command screen. Type cleanmgr on the cmd screen and hit the Enter button. Wait until a list of items displayed on the screen. Click on the items you want to remove. Press the Enter button to remove the junk files. Now restart your device and check whether your Malwarebytes antivirus error gets fixed or not.


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