Are Rear-Mounted Turbos for Sale Good Options Or Not?

Finding out turbos for sale and then replacing turbocharger is a very tricky business while modifying your cars.

Finding out turbos for sale and then replacing turbocharger is a very tricky business while modifying your cars. As you all know, engine compartments are made along with several essential parts crammed into small spaces. Generally, the turbocharger must be positioned in hot areas of the engine, as the turbine efficiency is proportional to kinetic energy. It would be best if you keep in mind that the more tropical the air will be, the better will be your result. These systems might look impressive and might seem advantageous to a turbocharged system, you need to consider is a rear-mounted turbocharger a good option or not? Let’s check out its good and bad sides before choosing turbos for sale

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The Right Sides of Rear-Mounted Turbocharger 

  • The rear-mounted turbocharger tends to increase the energy of air by compressing it and allowing it to exits through the turbine in a sweltering state. The engine prefers the more refreshing and denser air for compressing within cylinders, which are used to cool the air, which enters the engine from the turbo system. You must know that having a turbocharger means that as charged air from the turbocharger goes back to the engine, it simultaneously cools by the running air underneath the car, which saves the need for an intercooler.
  • The cooling effects also help in oil cooling, which is a highly important aspect of turbocharging. Circulated turbine is used for cooling and lubricating of the system. The flow of cold air under the car will help the oil to be more refreshing and will smoothly operate the turbocharger.
  • It has been estimated that a rear-mounted turbocharger produces 260 degrees centigrade lesser heat that a front-mounted. The enormous amount of heat is generated by the turbocharger, which can even influence the components nearby, which do not deal with heat, such as cooling systems and engine block. So, that's why the rear-mounted turbocharger takes away any effects of heat soaking from turbocharger into unwanted areas. So, these points will motivate you while you are going to look out turbos for sale. 

The Bad Sides of Rear-Mounted Turbocharger

  • All of the above points might seem to have a lot of sense, but all the things are not hunky-dory. At first, there is the pure amount of tubing which must be placed below the care for integrating the turbo. The air that has been compressed from the turbo has to get back to the engine and forced back to the cylinders. This is also applicable to the oil system, which needs a long feed from the pump to function properly. So, it will be better to check out these points before checking out turbos for sale. 
  • You must know that all of this tubing is not appropriately designed, along with the correct increase and decrease in diameter. Turbo lag can become a severe issue. If turbos are not situated in proximity to the manifold, then the natural delay is presented, as compressed air needs to travel all the way to reach out to the engine's cylinder. This can also be combated along with an excellent tuned tube system, and most of the bolt-on kits will not probably be suited 100 percent to the powertrain of your car.

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The turbocharger's efficiency could take a hit while it is compared to the hot-V setup or healthy engine bay. The air which enters the turbocharger will be cooled down over time. It reaches the area which was once filled by backbox while traveling down through the exhaust system. As stated before, turbocharger prefers hot air to function to its maximum capabilities, which means that natural cooling will reduce the efficiency of the turbine. So, you should always be careful and go through every detail before going to look out for turbos for sale.


So, here are both good and bad sides of the turbos. Now, you will have to go through these points before considering checking out turbos for sale. It will help you a lot with whether to choose turbos or not for your system and make an informed decision.


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