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Are You A First-Home Buyer? These Property Purchasing Tips Are For You!

Learn the most important tips you have to know when you buy your first home.

Every single time you want to buy a home, it can be stressful. This is particularly true when referring to a first purchase. There are simply countless things you have to think about, from securing a mortgage to properly inspecting the house to figure out if the seller is trying to hide something for you.

Needless to say, errors are very common for first-time buyers. With this in mind, let’s make it a whole lot simpler for you by talking about the most important property purchasing tips you have to know as a first-time home buyer.

Maintain A Clean Bank Account

When you want to buy a home in the future, you need to make lifestyle changes right now. It will be very important when you apply for a loan in the future.

Your mortgage broker is your best friend. He/she will tell you everything that you should do, including some tough decisions, like cancelling that gym membership you rarely use, or limit how much you eat out. Even $20 that you save every month can make a difference with property purchasing in Canberra and everywhere around the world.

Spend Smart

Every single cent you have is important. You need to make some short-term sacrifice for your longer-term gains. When your deposit is larger, you are more competitive and can buy a better home. Even your mortgage insurance will be smaller, which is a huge advantage.

If you can save for one year, it will be much easier for you to deal with the finances associated with buying your first home.

Look For A Good Mortgage Broker

The relationship you establish with your mortgage broker will last for a long time, not just for one transaction. In fact, mortgage brokers perform a large part of the legwork needed to buy a home. They will also guide you through the entire loan application process.

Make sure you discuss with several brokers. Look for a person that is passionate and knowledgeable. This will create a huge world of difference when it comes to stress levels.

Determine Non-Negotiables

These should be clearly laid out so you can discuss them with your buyers agent or real estate agent. You should plan to stay inside the first home you buy for at least 5 years before you even consider selling.

As an example, let’s say you do not think that you will have 2 cars and you skip on the double garage. When you buy your second car, it will become a problem.

Always list non-negotiables and respect them. You need to think about the future first.

Spend Some Time Where You Want To Buy A Home

After you are aware of your buying budget, analyze areas where you could buy something without having to sacrifice non-negotiables. The very best way to do this is to spend some time in those areas you consider. This lets you see the community and learn things that you cannot get from the internet.

If you plan to have children, make sure you also check the schools, light rail services, bus services, and so on.

Attend Auctions

Real estate auctions are very intimidating. Dealing with agents and auctioneers is not as easy as you might think. Also, auctioneers might ask for some extra payments you did not initially plan for. In an auction, you can get an incredible deal. However, at the same time, you need to be confident. The best way to do this is to attend some to see how operations go.

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