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It may not seem like it, but washing your clothes, or getting them cleaned, is one of the most important things that you need to do to live a quality life. If you do not know your laundry’s rights and wrongs, you may end up losing so many expensive clothes and waste money. You might even end up losing your favourite shirt because your wrong method of washing destroyed its fabric. This feeling is even more painful when you realize all of these disasters are easily avoidable.

The Laundryman App

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The Laundry Cleaning Centre

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The Laundryman App is here today to tell you some basics for your laundry that you need to keep in mind every time you’re about to tackle that task on your to-do list.

Prepare your clothes for washing.

Before you put your clothes in the washer, remove pins and belts from your clothes. If your garments have zippers or hooks on them, make sure to zip them up and close all the clips. Don’t button up your shirts. The buttons may get pulled during washing and stretch the buttonholes. 

Make sure you empty your pockets, rid them of any wrappers or bills. Especially get rid of any tissue inside your pockets as it will tend to stick to your clothes, and they’re end up being harder to clean.

 Turn items like sweaters or a shirt with a design on it inside out before washing to avoid pilling. An easy way to avoid losing your pairs of socks in the laundry is to put all your socks in a mesh bag or a pillowcase so that they will all get washed together. 

Follow these instructions before giving your clothes to a laundry service to make it easier for the people to deal with your clothes

Read the instructions on your garment’s tag.

Although your washing machine is doing most of your work, some of your garments need extra attention. We often ignore the little tag that tells us all about the clothes’ needs. They are essential because you may be washing clothes that do not need washing. You might be dry cleaning clothes that should not be given to a dry cleaner. Some of your delicate garments need to be hand-washed, so make sure you read that tag carefully.


Different fabrics require different treatments.

Basic knowledge about the fabric you choose to wear goes a long way. For instance, you should wash silk with cold water and not be out in the dry cleaner. Cashmere should be hand-washed with lukewarm water and gently squeezed to take the water out. Denim does not need a lot of washing, so wash them once in a while to not lose their tone.

Prefer cold water

Washing your clothes with warm water causes the fabric to wear out. Hot water damages clothes, so it is not recommended for any material except denim. Denim should only be washed with hot water if you want the colour to fade. Other than that, all your clothes should be treated with lukewarm water. It is best if you use cold water to wash your laundry. Even some clothing services in Harrogate suggest using cold water for your clothes

Keep your whites separated.

The giant mess created out of laundry is when some of the colours from your clothes stain your white clothes. Once your whites get stained, they’re not wearable anymore. To avoid this mistake, you should wash your whites separated and the rest of your clothes separately. If you have a cloth that sheds its colour, make sure to wash it separately too. 


All of these tips are easy to follow, and instead of consuming your time, you will only make laundry and everyday work easier for yourself. We hope The Laundryman App’s advice will help you, and you adopt these methods every time you choose to wash your clothes.





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