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grptalk is an audio conferencing app, which lets you talk to a group of people from anywhere, and at any time. It enables ‘instant conferencing’ on your phone, and provides hosts complete conference control.

Audio Conferencing is still considered the premier method of communication for enterprises and individuals. The tried and tested audio conference has managed to triumph the waves of change and keep modern forms of enterprise and personal correspondence such as video conferencing at an arm’s length.

In case you’re wondering why audio conference continues to dominate the team communication space, let’s take a look at some reasons audio conference calls are preferred to more novel alternatives –

  1.    Reliability – Most Video calls are conducted over an Internet Connection, which means every member on the call needs to have robust internet connectivity to stay on call. This is where audio conferences held over PSTN (Mobile Networks), like grptalk, can make things a whole lot easier.
  2.    Feasibility – Calls with more than 1000+ participants are seldom possible on any other conferencing solutions besides audio. Scalability is one factor that will always give audio conferencing the edge over its competition.
  3.    Ease-of-use – Audio conferencing apps like grptalk use “dial-out“ conference calling, where every participant receives a call when the conference begins, eradicating the need of waiting for each member to join the call. Other solutions sometimes also need expensive infrastructure and dedicated equipment, creating further barriers to ease of use.

The continued success of audio conferencing can be attributed to the adaptability demonstrated by this form of communication. Statistics indicate that even today nearly 63% of all business happens over audio conference calls, and 53% of people prefer audio over video calls.

While we know that Audio conferencing is here to stay; the real question is “whether we’re doing it right?”. There are scores of conference calling solutions, apps and providers out there. And, just like most things in life, not all conference calling apps are created equal. Let’s look at a few factors that can differentiate the best from the rest.

Convenience – As mentioned earlier, dial out conferencing is considered a much more convenient form of initiating and managing concalls, when compared to the dial-in method. However, not all providers use dial-out. Moreover, not all providers use PSTN mobile networks, and VoIP is known to be unreliable.

Flexibility – Providers like grptalk combine a mobile app with a web app (that includes added features) giving consumers the flexibility to conference call from anywhere

And finally the Holy Grail of Audio Conference calling

Scalability – With organizations growing and spreading across different geographical locations, the need for a conference calling solution that can support a large number of participants is ever increasing.

grptalk solves these problems in multiple ways. Here’s how-

  • Dial-Out – Imagine waiting for 10,000 people to enter a pin/bridge number and join a call. It would take ages until everyone got on the call. Dial-Out means everyone gets a call at the same time.
  • “Handraise” Option – Large scale calls on grptalk are usually carried out with all the participants on mute except the host. When a participant wants to speak, they can press “0” on their keypad to raise a request. Once approved by the host or operator, they will be un-muted.
  • On-Demand Call Operator Assistance – The host may find it challenging to manage calls with a large number of participants. grptalk offers on-demand operator assistance to ensure that your calls run smoothly.

The record for largest number of participants on a single grptalk call stands at 25,607 – TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND SEVEN. Let that sink in for a minute.

grptalk has regularly conducted calls with 10,000+ members without any issues, making it the pioneer when it comes to large participant calls and scalability.

If you want to learn how grptalk can help you, or you’re already convinced that you need grptalk for your concalls, contact : Prashanth on +91-40-38119919 to get the best-fit conference calling plan today.

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