Bed etiquette: 5 rules for how to behave during the first sex with a new partner

It doesn't matter when you have your first sex - after the first date, after a month of communication, or a few hours after meeting. If you stick to a few rules, it will definitely repeat itself.

Protect yourself and protect yourself again

Even if, according to the man, you are his very first (for today or a week, he did not specify?), Still insist on sex with contraceptives. If only because a modern girl is obliged to worry about her health and always think about the consequences of any decision. So, in order to avoid pregnancy, STDs or just parting after a couple of days and bitter regrets about what was done, grab condoms for a date.

Say what you like and what you don't

Well, that is, you do not need to immediately give a man a lecture where you have erogenous zones and which parts of the body are not accessible to beginners. But during sex, be sure to tell the guy what positions, movements and touches are pleasant to you or, conversely, cause discomfort. Then he will make every effort to make you happy with the closeness. For a man, it is extremely important that the girl does not run straight out of bed during the first sex. Use it, don't thank!

Stay yourself and have fun

Do not pretend during your first sex to please the man. Such flattery always plays into the negative for you and for him. Why? You will not be able to relax and you will not get pleasure, and then all the next times he will act according to the scheme for the first time and may even be indignant or offended when it turns out that the partner is faking. Therefore, it is better to say directly that you could not get an orgasm than to writhe in bed and convince a man otherwise.

Don't stay with a man for the night

Forget the riddle that a woman should have. And if you came to a man's home closer to one in the morning, of course, you don't need to run out of the apartment in the morning. If only because it is not safe and tiring. But if sex happened in the afternoon or evening, we advise you not to spend the night with a man. You do not need to immediately let him know that you are ready to move in (this can be frightening), and just reassure yourself. Even if he is the best on Earth, where are the guarantees that you will have something more than good sex?

Don't joke that after sex a man should get married.

First, it is a stereotype that has long had nothing to do with life. Secondly, pronouncing such a phrase even as a joke, you can sow suspicion and anxiety in a man's head about the fact that you are rushing things. And guys, oh, how not ready for such a turn in the relationship! Besides, there is no need to give hope to a man. He may be a wonderful lover, but as a partner - failure and disappointment on all fronts, starting with the hole in his socks.

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Top 5 tips to make foreplay even more enjoyable than sex

This is not only preparation for penetration, but practically a ritual of knowing each other and delivering incredible pleasure. And with our tips, it will get even hotter!

Blindfold each other

Nothing new, you say? But one of the partners is usually blindfolded. This means that the complete absence of eye contact should benefit the foreplay. Firstly, because you perform all movements very slowly. At the same time, there are so many gentle touches that the partners literally tremble from each other! Secondly, it is an opportunity to completely relax and forget who and how looks from the outside.

Try to masturbate together

Lie down next to you and openly begin to caress your body in the presence of your partner. Many girls at first think it's easy. But in fact, when your bodies touch, and your gaze is constantly jumping over the naked body, it is almost impossible to resist your partner and not pounce on him in a fit of passion. But you hold on! The longer you can start each other, the better.

Imagine having sex for the first time

Excites, turns on and unnerving? Then everything is correct. But that's not all. Imagine that you are not yet familiar with your partner's body, and he is with yours. Try to look for each other's erogenous zones, be as gentle and passionate as possible. At the same time, completely surrender to the process and take everything from it. And most importantly - don't forget about a good blowjob. Then the cunnilingus will be just a rocket cannon!

Use sex toys and items on hand

Anything that is not fingers will do. This means you need a vibrator, pulsator, dildo and stimulating lubricant. Don't they? Take cream, fruit, chocolate, natural oils and ice cubes. Caress with their help the bodies and genitals of each other, from time to time biting, licking and kissing the skin. The more tactile sensations, the more awesome the foreplay will be.

Do everything as slowly as possible.

Forget that you are late for your friends and completely surrender to the process. Even if it's unplanned sex in the kitchen. Usually couples have sex so fast that they forget about foreplay altogether. Therefore, it is so important to remember them from time to time and add passion to relationships and bed matters. Enjoy each other as much as you can. It's much better and more enjoyable than a bachelorette party, you must admit!

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