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What are the New Treatments for Varicose Veins?

What are the New Treatments for Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are often visible on the surface of the legs or face under the skin in bulging and twisted forms spreading in blue, red, or purple color, caused due to reverse venous flow, also termed as venous insufficiency. When a varicose vein is in its mild form it doesn't affect you much. But if it reaches its advanced stage, it can cause irritation, annoying and spoiling the appearance of the skin. And if left untreated, its consequence can be serious.  For treating the vein issues, visit vein centers city centre.





Vein stripping has been used for treating varicose veins for many years. During this treatment,  doctors at vein center city centre put the patient to sleep. The recovery time of this procedure is longer and patients are not satisfied with the results often. Also, it causes pain and bruising as side effects after the recovery.

New Treatments for Varicose Veins at vein center memorial:


Thermal Ablation:


This surgery replaced vein stripping surgery about twenty-five years ago. During the procedure, doctors at veins center city centre place a small tool called a catheter inside the veins using an ultrasound machine. Then the vein is surrounded with fluid, tumescent anesthesia that can absorb any kind of heat that is transmitted to the veins. The fluid contains pain reliever medicine in it to prevent producing any kind of discomfort to the patient. The catheter functions on the heat to treat the inner lining of the vein that makes veins back to normal. Doctors generally recommend wearing compression stockings after the treatment.    


Doctors at vein centers memorial have performed this procedure a lot of time and each time they get effective and excellent results.  This procedure has been used widely to treat varicose veins.


Non-Thermal Non-Tumescent Procedures:


For the last few years, new procedures have been developed for curing varicose veins that don’t function heat to close off the vein, referred to as non-thermal non-tumescent procedures (NTNT).  Since the procedure does not involve heating as its function, doctors need not give you any anesthetic drug which means it is a painless procedure. Doctors at  veins center memorial are well qualified and trained to perform this procedure in the office. The procedure normally completes in thirty to sixty minutes. Patients can move back to their normal life immediately after the treatment.






It is one of the new advanced treatments of varicose veins using adhesive to seal leaky veins. This treatment is known as VenaSeal approved by the FDA in 2015. The professional teams in veins centers memorial have evaluated the procedure completely to be applied on the patients. An adhesive is equal to a super glue used to seal the vein.  


The treatment is similar to the thermal procedure, a catheter is attached to the affected vein. Then,  transmit small droplets of adhesive into the vein as the catheter is detached from the body. This type of treatment neither requires tumescent anesthesia nor compression therapy after the therapy as doctors at veins centers city center don’t use heat to function the procedure.


There are other new treatments also including Varithena, Clarivein to treat varicose veins without causing any pain and discomfort to the patients.


You will get all new advanced techniques with experienced professionals at vein centers.


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