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Best adjustable cooling pillow

best cooling pillow for side sleepers A cooling pillow and a cool bedroom can instantly lower the temperature around your head, neck, and shoulders so you'll fall asleep faster and experience deeper, more restful sleep. If a pillow is labeled cooling, it likely wicks away moisture, dissipates heat and promotes increased airflow.

Best adjustable cooling pillow


Reviewers loved that this pillow allows them to add and remove the shredded-memory-foam filling to get just the right amount of support. “Finally, someone has found a solution for people like me,” writes one shopper. “Because the amount of fill is adjustable in all of the Coop pillows, this pillow is what you make it super-lofty, medium loft, or relatively flat YOU decide.”

 Another says, “This pillow is remarkable. It’s soft, comfortable, and adjustable. Since I sleep on my side, I removed about one-quarter of the stuffing, and this made the best cooling pillow the perfect height for me. I am sleeping better now.”

 And no matter how fluffy or hard you decide to make this bamboo pillow with cooling on amazon, it will still keep you cool, according to satisfied shoppers.

“It works. I’ve been using this for weeks and haven’t woken up covered in sweat once. It feels much cooler to the touch than my other bamboo pillow, and so far it’s been fantastic,” writes one. Another says, “When you first lay your head down on it, there’s a cool sensation that’s so pleasant and the pillow stays cool and comfortable throughout the night.”


Best cooling body pillow


Like the Coop pillow above, this body bamboo cooling pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, and dozens of reviewers say this material helps it retain its shape — and keeps them cool — all night long.

One such reviewer, who “was suspicious about whether it would really stay cool like it claimed,” calls it the “best pillow,” hands-down: “I’ve had it a couple months now, and it’s held up well. It hasn’t gone flat, and it hasn’t heated up despite how i sleep.


I was honestly shocked because when I sleep, I fold the pillow in half over my head and hug the other side. Despite my entire head being folded in this pillow for the better part of three months, it still retains its shape well and offers a cool night’s rest.”

 Another impressed reviewer agrees that it stays cool and firm: “I’ve never had a body pillow this amazing. It is incredibly soft fabric and stays cool all night (very important to me, especially in summer).”

Even cooler than the one above, this body pillow is infused with temperature-regulating gel, which reviewers say is a game changer for hot sleepers. “I bought this for my partner because he kept complaining about being hot at night.


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