Best Car Deals Need Does Not Forget The Original Intention

The Best Car Deals face life with a smile. The autumn wind is breezy and the sky is clear. When other colleagues came to the company to prepare for work on the morning sun, a group of lovely girls had already put on headphones at the work station and listened attentively to everyone. The urgent demands of customers.

The Best Car Deals face life with a smile. The autumn wind is breezy and the sky is clear. When other colleagues came to the company to prepare for work on the morning sun, a group of lovely girls had already put on headphones at the work station and listened attentively to everyone. The urgent demands of customers.

And when the night falls and the stars are shining, these lovely people still stick to the Best Car Deals and are always ready. They treat every customer sincerely. They are happy to accompany and live in harmony. They do not forget their original intentions and are firm in themselves. They are the customer service staff of the customer service center.


"Book of Rites·The Doctrine of the Mean," says: "Only the sincerity of the world is for energy." It means that only the most sincere heart in the world can influence people and achieve the best sales results. In the service industry, it is not sincerity to simply convey appeals to customers; it is not sincerity to answer the rules and regulations for customers; it is not sincere to express apologies that cannot be handled to customers..."Sincere" means putting yourself in the place and means being united. Empathy, which means trust and touch, is a simple word that has a heavy weight.

On May 19, 2020, a busy and ordinary day in need of sales, the customer service center complaint officer suddenly received a call from the courier room: "Please come and collect the pennant." With a hint of doubt, with a little surprise, he opened the package. It turned out that this is a pennant presented by a K2 car owner to thank her for her service.

Due to the traces of tape winding on the casing of the steering machine, it is impossible to claim the warranty after the sale. The customer complained constantly and sought help from the customer service center. After understanding, the interior of the steering wheel of the car has not been disassembled and inspected.

The 8799 euro kia after-sales complaint specialist timely learned the true situation of the customer's Best Car Deals through the franchise store, and gave feedback to the after-sales department as soon as possible, and bought valuable time for the customer. In the end, the customer claimed and replaced the faulty part in only one day. Customers voluntarily sent DYK banners to express their inner affirmation and gratitude.

【Initial Heart】

Best Car Deals "don't forget the original intention, always have to go." How many people are busy at home and work every day, eating, working, tutoring children, sleeping... Repeat the same things day after day, year after year. Was there such a quiet moment, when the eyes were soaked by a simple text, the young self who was laughing, confident and young came to mind? Return to yourself and be a true, three-dimensional yourself.

At least, the call center is an enlightened platform.

This year’s host contest, for other customer service personnel, the work is no longer boring and monotonous, and appropriate educational interaction is conducive to fostering a sense of collective belonging among employees. For the participating hosts, it is an opportunity to challenge themselves, and it is a transformation of growth.

Every customer service is a four-dimensional person with rich emotions. Everyone has their own vision for the future, and every vision is positive and beautiful. In the just-concluded popular variety show "Sister Riding the Wind and the Waves", a passage from the star Zhang Yuqi aroused many women's thinking: "There are 50% success and 50% failure in life. As an independent woman, you must have the ability to manage time reasonably. , Don’t waste every inch of youth."

More than 95% of the customer service centers are women. Everyone should think about what they want in a timely manner, and use every second efficiently, or improve their own skills, or pay attention to parent-child relationship, or improve the quality of life, instead of being busy But inaction.

As a customer service person, you must not only improve your business skills, but also handle the relationship between customer service and customers. Since the launch of the new model Kaiku, the customer service center has paid special attention to training and organizing examinations for all staff to provide the most professional services to customers who consult or complain. And the relationship between customer service and customers, from the perception of just entering the customer service industry: the relationship between sales and purchase, to the simple experience of the present: partners.

Customer service personnel should always keep in mind their sales "initial intention": to impress customers with sincerity and friendliness. "Think of what the customer thinks, what the anxious customer is anxious", use the psychology of "empathy", synchronize with the customer's values, avoid being driven by the customer's emotions, use our professional knowledge to make customers trust, perceptually understand customers, and be rational Solve problems, thereby promoting the effective settlement of customer complaints.

Best car deals "Be ingenious, practice craftsmanship, and be a craftsman". Customer service is also a craftsman industry, and the spirit of craftsmanship is in the heart of every customer in the customer service center:

Sales dedication is one of the basic requirements of socialist core values, and it is the customer's heartfelt recognition and investment in the customer service industry;

Lean, customer service is not just a "microphone" for customer appeals, but must strive for excellence within the scope of authority, and serve customers efficiently and perfectly;

Concentration, "specialized in the technical industry", once the customer service industry is selected, one mind will be rooted in it, accumulating experience, forming advantages, and becoming the "leader" in the industry;

Best car deals innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress and the driving force for a country’s prosperity. Customer service innovation can be embodied in communication methods, communication channels, solutions, etc. Through the efforts of every customer service person, the sales of the main model Kaiku Changhong, and the dedication of the company's long-term stable development.

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