Inspect car engine oil

How to Inspect Your Car Oil Levels?

Learn about the steps to check your car engine oil.

The engine oil is well acknowledged as the lifeblood of the vehicle. The function of the engine oil is of an internal regulator that maintains the proper functioning of the engine system. It keeps the vehicle going by lubricating the internal components of the engine, minimizing the heat produced, reducing friction and preventing the car from getting overheated. 

But with time, the engine oil also wears out and breaks down. There is a need for every vehicle to get the car engine oil changed at periodic intervals based on either the distance travelled or a specific period. Check your owner's manual for the mentioned recommendations on when and how to take care of your engine oil requirements. Before you inspect your car engine's oil, you must be familiar with the specifications and the type, whether it is the electric monitor type or has the traditional dipstick for inspection. The owner's manual will also help you understand the specifications of your engine type.

The overall process might take a few minutes to know the oil level in your car.

Follow these steps to check your engine oil:

  • Start with having your car placed at ground level. Be aware of the engine being hot or cold before you check the car oil. Some car automakers suggest that the oil must be checked only when the engine is warm, whereas others mostly recommend having the engine completely cooled before any such kind of inspection. This precaution is taken keeping the protection against burns from a hot engine part.
  • Turn off the engine and look for the dipstick. The dipstick is a stick structure that comes with the purpose of reading the oil levels in the car and is positioned around the front of the engine. The process involves dipping the dipstick in the engine and slowly bringing it out. With various car models, the dipstick's level markings vary - while some have the min/max marks, and there are a few with the low/high marking.
  • Pop up your car's hood, locate the dipstick and pull it out. Then, wipe it clean with a cloth so that no dirt or any sort of oil smear is left from its previous use. Insert the stick gently into it and retract it back. Check the oil level from the marks in the dipstick, to inspect the level of oil in your car. Also, look for the oil colour to be assured of its condition and to ascertain the need for a change requirement.

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