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Consider yourself warned & get Best Christmas Deals Today.

10 of the Hottest Toys for Christmas 2020

By now, your kids probably have their wish lists for Santa and you might be wondering which toys are this year’s must-haves. Major retailers have already published their holiday toy lists. And now, so have we.

As is our custom, Brad’s Deals has poured over all of the lists, polled parents, aunties and uncles, and assembled a list of 10 of hot toys for 2020 – along with the best place to find them right now. You might even want a few of these for yourself. Consider yourself warned & get Best Christmas Deals Today.

Best Christmas Deals Today

1- Best Price on Scruff A Luvs

Scruff-A-Luvs are the latest entry in the “mystery pets” genre. Choose a color you like, give it a bath, and you’ll be surprised with either a puppy, a kitty, or a bunny – and all are super cute and cuddly. They’re are on all the toy lists this year, scoring more mentions than any other toy. It’s either the result of extremely aggressive marketing or it’s going to be the standout for 2019. The combination of a well-executed spin on the mystery genre, the final toys’ complete and utter cuteness, and an extremely accessible price point make us think it’s the latter.

The current glut of discounts leads us to believe that the sellout risk is low, but it may be a good idea to stash these in the top of your closet for a few months just in case. Amazon may be a better buy if you’re a Prime member since Scruff-A-Luvs are priced below Walmart’s free shipping threshold for now, but Target wins for REDcard holders.

2- WowWee Official Baby Shark Doll

Are you sick of Baby Shark yet? I’m so sorry, parents, but this trend has not yet jumped the shark for the littles. Star toymaker Wowwee has partnered with Baby Shark creator Pinkfong to introduce an official plush shark doll that dances and sings “Baby Shark” (of course) when you tap its head. It also reacts when you call it “Baby Shark.” We’ve only seen the yellow version in stores so far. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then Amazon is the best value thanks to free shipping With Best Gift Card Deals for Christmas.


3- L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

The popularity of L.O.L. Surprise! shows no sign of slowing. This cute camper gives your child’s L.O.L. dolls and pets an outdoors experience that comes complete with its own BBQ grill and fashion catwalk for modeling their extensive wardrobes. Let’s be honest here – what camper wouldn’t be improved by a catwalk? Walmart and Amazon are your current best bets, but REDcard holders are better off looking at Target where the 5% discount brings the price down to $94.99.


4- Owleez

Target is the only store we found accepting pre-orders for Owleez, which are scheduled for an October 4 release. They may seem like yet another interactive pet, but this one can actually learn to fly through interaction with their human children. Owleez also has more than 100 sounds and movements and changes eye color to indicate its mood. Using a REDcard to purchase shaves off an extra $2.50.


5- Blume Dolls

Blume Dolls are a mystery toy for the littles (ages 3+). These sweet confection-inspired figures come hidden in flowerpots which must be watered to reveal your new companion. Like their L.O.L. counterparts, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories are interchangeable, and perhaps even a bit sturdier. There are 22 Blume Dolls to collect, mix, and match. Walmart and Amazon have Target beat by a mere penny, but a REDcard would take the price down to $9.40 each. We give Amazon the edge here since Prime members score free shipping.


6- Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

The first of two (TWO!) llamas on our list is Boppi, your interactive llama friend who likes to shake her booty to three jaunty songs that you will clearly never, ever get sick of hearing. Boppi comes in white and purple, though the purple edition is exclusive to Walmart. Target REDcard holders can knock another dollar off the price. Amazon Prime members skip shipping charges.


7- Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

You remember Hatchimals, right? What if your Hatchimal turned out to be Toothless, the lovable dragon from the “How To Train Your Dragon” series? Baby Toothless growls, flaps his wings when you help him fly, and roars at you when you roar at him first. Walmart and Amazon have the current best price by a few cents, but Target is a winner if you’d rather pay with a REDcard.


8- Juno My Baby Elephant

Juno is a sweet baby elephant whose trunk responds to your touch. Her personality is shy to start, prompting her to hide behind her ears, but she warms up and becomes expressive and charmingly silly as you interact with her. She also plays with children to create melodies, play games, and more. Juno is currently on sale at Walmart. She is also available at Target with a 5% discount when paying with a REDcard.

9- Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Dolls

These 10-inch Kindi Kids dolls are part of the Shopkins universe where they attend Rainbow Kindi. The four dolls (Marsha Mello, Donatina, Peppe-Mint, and Jessicake) come with two Shopkins accessories, their heads bobble, and they magically eat their cupcakes. Amazon Prime members should go with Amazon to avoid shipping charges. If you have a REDcard, then Target is your best bet. Buying two or more Kindi Kids? Go with Kohl’s to get $5 or more back in Kohl’s Cash – and don’t forget to check for Kohl’s coupons to bring the price down even further, Best Christmas Deals online.


10- Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Lookout Tower

The Paw Patrol is on the case! Use the Mighty Pups Lookout Tower’s real functioning telescope to spot trouble, then sound the alarm, listen to Ryder give you a mission, and go save the day.  Got a REDcard handy? Knock off another $5 when you buy at Target instead.

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