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Best Lamborghini Models to Hire Today

Lamborghini cars are a class apart when it comes to luxury cars. But which Lamborghini should you hire for the best driving experience in the United Kingdom? Know more.

Most individuals who drive on a daily basis always foster a dream of driving and owning a luxury car one day. The dream may not always be feasible as owning and maintaining a luxury car comes with its own expenses. The upkeep costs alone can be heavy on the pocket. But car enthusiasts can still rent supercars to experience the thrill with no strings attached. 

As the world changes and develops every day and new advances in technology take place, it has now become fairly easy to hire luxury cars. In this class of luxury cars, Italian brand Lamborghini stands apart. You too can now rent Lamborghini today without much difficulty! If you are vacationing in the United Kingdom, there is no better way to explore the country than renting a Lamborghini. Make your vacation even more memorable and rent a Lamborghini UK on your next trip. 

But how do you decide which Lamborghini to pick? Surely you want to choose the best one since this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Italian supercar brand has many models to offer with their own distinct features. Here are two of the best Lamborghini models you can rent in today’s world. 

Lamborghini Huracan Evo

Are you planning a solo trip or taking one with your partner? The Huracan Evo is ideal for such journeys. Lamborghini has innovated once again and have included the greatest features from its previous models and added even more into this supercar. Not only does the car look beautiful, but it drives even better. Once you’re at the wheel, you wouldn’t want to let go. 

The Huracan Evo can seat 2 people and offers a compact feeling as though it is wrapped around you as you cut through the air at high speeds. It will make you feel like you are inside a fighter jet. You can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds! The comfortable electric seats, advanced features like climate control and a sound system that will make you feel the bass in your heart are what make this vehicle unique. 

One of the concerns individuals may have is the safety of the vehicle. The Huracan Evo implements a new system which adjusts the suspension, brakes, engine and steering by anticipating what your next move will be. This makes the car almost sentient and secure enough for novice drivers. The telltale sign of a good Lamborghini hire service is that they have the Huracan Evo available. 

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has succeeded in combining the super sports car formula with an SUV. Amongst luxury cars, the Urus stands out as it is the first super SUV perfect for an entire family. With 5 seats and adequate storage, this SUV is jam-packed with features. The SUV can zip from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. This car can even do 130 mph in sandy terrain! For this reason, it has been hailed as a gamechanger when it comes to SUVs. 

The Urus is the perfect car for family vacations. It reeks of luxury and is also convenient and efficient. You can cover long distances in the English countryside with comfort and ease. With its massive oil tank, there is no need to worry about refueling every few hours or so. When it comes to its appearance, the Urus is unmistakable on the road. With Lamborghini’s trademark design, it looks different and classier than regular SUVs. 

While the English countryside has mostly similar terrain throughout, you can drive the Urus up to the mountains in Northern England or Scotland. The SUV drives extremely well in mountainous terrain and turns corners easily. The car boasts different driving modes you can switch to depending on if you’re driving in snow, rain or sand. It automatically adjusts the systems to the desired terrain to provide you with a comfortable driving experience. It is different from any other SUV you may have driven as the engine, brakes and acceleration all feel like you’re driving a two-seater. 

There are several other vehicles Lamborghini has produced over its long history. The Urus and Huracan Evo, however, are the best models you can rent. Find a Lamborghini rental on your next trip for the best driving experience. 

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