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Best Color Ideas to Revamp Your Kitchen Look!

The kitchen is the heart of your home which means that there is no space for bland or boring. Connect with painters in Corpus Christi and you will be amazed by the results!

Picking out a color for your kitchen is always difficult. However, the best painters in Corpus Christi suggest you consider stepping out of your comfort zone and look at other options in the wheel and be fearless to try something new. Although if you want to stay in the fashion trend, consider choosing aesthetic colors like neutral shades of white, beige, etc. 

Interior painting for home indeed gives us a zillion thoughts. So, before you shop for some colors for your kitchen cabinets, here’s what you should keep in mind: 

  • Color Wheel: For kitchen cabinets, you can choose neutral colors such as off-white, teal, blue shades, etc. However, if you want darker tones for your cabinets, you choose shades of blue, greens, etc. 
  • Complementary colors: Whenever you pick colors for your kitchen cabinets, make sure to add complementary ones which give a good contrast. If you decide to go with aqua shades or teals, you can go for something like orange and yellows for a vibrant combination. 
  • Contrast: The best residential painting company recommends choosing color combinations that pair well with the other elements in your kitchen. 
  • Mood: If you have a small kitchen space, it is advised to choose lighter color shades that can make your kitchen look bright and larger. However, if you already have a large space, you can choose darker shades which will add to the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

5 Best paint color ideas for your kitchen cabinets! 

  1. Grey Shades

The grey and white combination is the best choice for your kitchen cabinets. It suits well with alder cabinets, etc. You can also match the colors with your tiles to highlight the elements of the room. Moreover, lighter shades like this can also make your kitchen look airy.

Also, if your primary color is white, you can choose darker shades of grey which will give a sophisticated look. If you want to keep things trendy, consider shopping for colors with a matte finish. 

Besides, if you are too bored with the same grayish shades each time you renovate your kitchen, the  painters in Corpus Christi suggest you go for darker shades of grey. Why? Well, dark gray shades let light pass around your kitchen making it look fresh and alive as new. 

  1. Cream shades

Shades like beige or cream are in high demand this year. Not only do they make your kitchen look aesthetic but also compliment your cutlery. The vibrant and the calm tone of these shades give a cozy, homely feeling. For an amazing appearance, the residential painting company advises using contrasting shades of yellows, etc to brighten and highlight the surroundings and other elemental structures in your kitchen. 

  1. Matte Black

As a wise man once said, when in doubt go black! It is true indeed. Choosing matte black for your kitchen cabinets can transform it into a chic place. Match it with the golden faucet, or white cutlery for an eye-catchy and sassy feel in your kitchen. Also, if you are planning to paint your kitchen cabinets black, consider opting for white tiles or complete natural wood ceiling and flooring. You will be surprised by the magical contrast it creates with brown shades.

  1. Teal

Why not try something new! Play along the lines of bluish or teal shades. Yes! Teal is a unique color for your kitchen cabinets. This beautiful conglomeration of a bluish-green splash of color gives a cheerful and happy vibe. Moreover, you can match this color with ivory or pure white to bring out the diversity in your kitchen making it look spacious as well. 

  1. Aqua

It is time to get something classy yet modern. The heart of your home will surely bloom with a color like aqua. Your kitchen cabinets will stay afloat and keep you fresh. It brightens up your kitchen and a mix of white and aqua can work like magic. Also, adding a granite countertop to the mix can add a splash of sophistication and turn your kitchen around completely. 


Choosing the correct paint color for your kitchen cabinets is important while renovating your home. It creates contrast and gives you a lot of space to add some more creativity into the mix. 

Whatever your choice might be, experienced painters in Corpus Christi suggest that choosing a color that stands the test of time and is resistant to stain, and easy to clean, is a must. 

If you are wondering, where you can get help, the best residential painting service is here to guide you and choose the best color combinations to completely change the way your kitchen looks. 

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