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Best Cricket Bat for Leather Ball

Best cricket bat for leather ball, this article will help you get the best cricket bat for your match. A good quality cricket bat for a leather ball is highly needed when it comes to good performance in game, it not only improves your batting style, but also helps you in facing a good bowler by giving you exact amount of support and power to your swing.

This article is implied as a manual for getting probably the best cricket bats in India on the web. In the event that you list the best 7 or cricket bats on the planet, you will discover it is overwhelmed by Indian made bats. Here, we focus on bats that cost between INR 6000 to 10,000. Proficient cricket bat value like M.S. Dhoni's bat can go above Rs. at least 25,000 and above. This article is intended for the individuals who are beginning their innings as serious energetic youthful cricketers and need an incentive value for their cash.


Cricket is India’s most popular sport, and when talking about cricket the first thing that comes into mind is of course a cricket bat. India is the biggest manufacturer of cricket goods.

When it comes to serious and professional batting career an original and good quality bat under the best lowest price is highly important.


When it comes to selection a best bat for your energetic field performance, it is quiet a bit of hard task, but do not worry as we got you covered in every either it’s price section, weight, thickness of bat, grains, edge, handle and even the material used in producing the bat.

Following points must be check before you buying  a best cricket bat for leather ball, as all bat are not same and doesn’t work for leather balls.

If you go for wrong bat a pace ball can even tear apart your bat and your dreams too, as you never when is the moment.

There are many points to look for: -


  • The size of the cricket bat.
  • Your budget.
  • Weight of the bat.
  • Tennis versus calfskin ball.
  • Sweet right on targets the cricket bat.
  • Nature of willow.
  • Number of Grains on the cricket bat.
  • The state of the handle.
  • The heaviness of the bat.
  • Brand of cricket bat.


But the key point to look after are: -

  1. Your budget
  2. Weight of the bat
  3. Quality of the material used
  4. Number of grains
  5. Sweet spot of the bat
  6. Branding company of the bat.



The most important thing when it comes to buying a best cricket bat for leather ball is budget. You must be in what your pocket can afford you. Or you should start saving from today a good quality company bat starts from rupee 6000 and goes to even 20-30k.

Better start saying from today because a good quality thing definitely cost a bit higher.


Weight of the bat –

When it comes to buying a good bat, this is yet another important factor to ensure. Whatever bat you select, the weight of that bat must maintain a good balance with your physical weight too. Otherwise, you will have to spend gallons of blood in vain if failed in scoring! So, always choose a bat that matches your bodily strength. I do suggest that for younger guys like under the age of 16, the lighter the bat, the easier it would be to develop a perfect technique. However, if you are above 20, then you are free to make your choices. Many International players around the world are using bats with weight 2-8, 2-9 or even 3 pounds. So, it depends on you, what weight do you want for your cricket bat to have in order to play a comfortable cover drive or hook shot.

Weight not only gives you power but also the balance while you play a high shot.


Quality of the material used –

The worst thing to not look out when buying a bat is the quality of the product used in making the bat.

Don’t be loose when it comes to quality the quality of the bat ensures what quality of game you are going to execute on the field.

Look after the wood used, even the machines, or what kind of glues and even the brand and kind of which wood is used in it.


Number of grains –

Now here is a very important part according to me. We miss this out often. What are grains? When you take a look at the front face of the bat, you will see many lines. If these lines are almost parallel, then the bat is of very good quality. These lines won’t be straight. They will be curvy but should be almost parallel. It’s ok to have some lines here and there but overall, it should look parallel.

All things considered; the grains will assume a gigantic job with regards to executing an ideal cover drive. Numerous worldwide cricketers in their conventional meetings said that 8 to 12 grains going across the bat in a sensible straight line is acceptable. The bat that I am utilizing myself has 9 grains going across it, and I am very glad how it had played till now. So, I suggest your reach ought to be between 8 to 10 in the event that you are searching for a decent bit of willow. Something else, in the event that you are looking at on an exorbitant yet great cricket bat, at that point 11 and 12 territories are made for you.


Sweet spot of the bat –

See, everything relies upon your shot choice. In the event that you play the ball late and you are enamoured with playing cuts and snare shots at that point, it implies the ball will hit higher on the bat. All things considered, you ought to be peering toward on choosing a cricket bat with its sweet spot near handle of the bat. I'm not saying that you can't play those shots with some other bat, yet I do figure that choosing the cricket bat with a sweet spot at the position where you frequently hit the ball is a shrewd decision. It won't just assist you with building up a superior procedure yet additionally empower you to investigate a greater amount of your solid focuses.


Branding company of the bat –

In the world full of cheap material only a good company and brand can assure you that you’re buying an authentic, genuine, reliable product. Most people say and assume that any brand can work but it’s a no-no, never go for unknown brands.


So, after all here are top 7 brand bats for you to buy a cricket bat for leather ball.

1. New Balance – Willow Cricket Bat for Leather Ball

Sharp edge: Straight and offset edge with amazing even straight grains and sweet spot for giving accurate speeding up. Huge thick edges, adjusted and thick centre.

Weight: It comes in weight between 1150 grams to 1200 grams around. Light weight edge full size bat with strong short handle.

Handle: Multi pieces Singapore stick handle for unrivalled control that offers you adaptable help of playing all round chances by lessening strain on wrist through thick grasp.

Bundle Contains: One NB New Balance DC 570+ English Willow Bat with Free Cover has zip conclusion framework and comfortable conveying tie.

Given measurements are just for delivery reason, these not genuine weight and proportions of item.

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