Best Exchange Database Recovery Tool

Best Exchange Server Recovery Software to Repair EDB Files

Have you ever thought how Exchange Files can be recovered if they are corrupt, making changes to a damaged database always risks the files and they can affect other user-mailbox too. Hence, Using an Exchange Server Recovery software is the best idea and while selecting the tool always go for the best Exchange Server Tool.

Whether you are an end user or database administrators managing the mailbox appears to be a complex task. Database Administrators run regular check-ups to maintain the database in a healthy state but sometimes things are not in control of admin and exchange database gets corrupt. Whenever a problem is encountered in database it stops the working of application and degrades the productivity of the organisation. For quick and efficient database recover Exchange Server Recovery software is used.

This is the best tool available that can repair the exchange database files and restore it efficiently. The database recovery software is highly recommended by experts and is advised by Database Administrators. This software can deal with severely damaged databases and situations like

  • When the Database is in an inconsistent state
  • The database is in a dirty shutdown
  • When the query is not executed properly
  • Sending too many messages in short time
  • When the Database log files are not available
  • Database gets corrupt due to low space
  • Virus Issues and Server Errors

So, Exchange Server Recovery Software can handle all these situations and restore files with complete data. Have a look at some of its features.

Benefits of Exchange Server Recovery Software

The software is equipped with so many features that makes the recovery process easier and simpler

Full Access to Mailboxes: When one choose Exchange Server Recovery Software then he/ she get complete access to User mailbox. With Administrator rights one can make changes to the source folder and destination folder. Change the name of folder, modify, delete and perform other tasks.

Recover User Mailbox: Whatever be the reason of database corruption Exchange Server Recovery Software retrieves the lost files and recover user-mailbox. The software has a smart engine which scans the database thoroughly and restores emails, contacts, attachments, profiles, calendar, and other items.

Restore Deleted Files: If some of the files get accidentally deleted then the recovery software can retrieve these files. Recover the database EDB and STM files from damaged backups too. Items recovered are in intact order along with their properties like sender's ID, date on which mail sent, subject, 'date', 'to' and 'from' fields. 

Search for Particular Items: Exchange Server mailbox is composed of several files and data and if the user wants to recover only specific items then this tool allows to do so. Users can type the item name in 'Search' option and set the parameters like 'match exact phrase' or 'word' to get that particular file.

Preview and Sort Items: When the database completes the scan it view the items on the software interface. Here users can select and sort items on the basis of date range, type of item, format and many other factors that displays the related search and filtered items.

Create Mailbox: The Exchange Server Recovery software gives users the flexibility to create the mailbox and transfer the recovered data to this mailbox. The user-mailbox can have the same name as the previous one and is mapped to that exchange account.

Export Items to Office 365: The software is not limited to recovery of files, these files can be moved to Office 365 and Live Exchange with easy drag and drop option. The data can also be migrated to IMAP servers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) too.

Log Files: The Exchange Recovery software keep record of all the activities performed by it like number of mailboxes repaired, converted to different file formats and other operations. The log file can be saved in CSV format at any desired location.

Compatibility: This software is compatible with MS Exchange Server 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003 and previous versions and same is applicable to Outlook. Users can run the recovery tool on Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ XP.

With so many features, the Exchange Server Database Recovery software is the best tool available for database recovery. Hence, the files are easy to recover and easy to restore. 




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