How Attendance Management Software build Strong Employee Presence throughout the year

Attendance Management Software

One of the most significant concerns before all the employers these days is building and maintaining a robust employee presence in all the company locations. The physical documentation required by the conventional approach shall reduce the effectiveness of the system, and the employees will take uninformed leaves on a frequent basis. The absenteeism in any organization causes severe threats to the business both in the short term scenario and the long term also. The immediate effect of the absenteeism leads to the stalling of work/projects, or the management has to hire additional resources in the form of casual labour. When these situations arise frequently, the financial losses make the functioning of the company very tough. We shall discuss the implementation of Attendance Management Software to build strong employee presence throughout the year without any additional use of resources or money. We shall discuss the functionalities of the automation-based AMS and how your business can benefit from them. Dive in deeper to have the knowledge of the subject in a nutshell. 


Predefining the Employee Presence and Making Provisions for Absentee’s work in Advance

The employers can enforce an attendance policy where the employees have to remain present for a particular number of days in a given month. This is administered by the AMS, and the leave requests can only be made before a pre-decided time frame. The applications made well before the absence date ensures that the decision-maker has adequate data regarding the employees’ availability in general. The applications are disorganized, and the approving authorities face a common problem of multiple leave applications for a particular date or time period. This is bypassed by the AMS as the list of leave applicants is available before taking a call on them. If the manager finds the number of applicants more than the allowable limit, they can allocate the leaves as per the priority and urgency based on the nature of leave request made by the employees. They can also confirm the availability of the other staff members to redistribute the workload to other staff members in advance so as to ensure that the work doesn’t suffer. This also ensures that the last moment hiring of casual labour doesn’t affect the company’s finances.


Streamlined Information flow with Advanced methods and Digitalized data processing

The information flow makes attendance management very simple. The Attendance Management Software is integrated with biometric machines and NFC to automate the capturing of employee presence. The data is obtained with high accuracy, and the information is synchronized to the central system on a real-time basis. The administrator can make settings to allow the employees to punch from a particular terminal in the morning and another one in the evening and both of them can be located at different locations. Also, the AMS shall allow the employees to punch from the ESS Portals, which provides great convenience to the senior staff and the office employees. The use of Geo-fencing is an emerging trend which allows the employees to punch on entering the company premises automatically. All this modes of marking presence are run on a parallel basis and the reliability of the data is ensured. The data from all the company locations are processed from a central facility, and therefore, the management of the entire company is done in a smooth and efficient manner.


Attendance Regularization and Reporting Functionalities

The errors made by the employees, such as forgetting to punch or mis-punches made along with power cuts, can be a problem for the companies. But the AMS shall allow the user to make regularization requests from the portal and the concerned authorities can approve them from their system dashboard. The software shall generate comprehensive reports with a detailed summary of the employee presence, and they can be used for the purpose of building better policies. The strategic use of the attendance data can improve the company’s grip on the staff movement, and they shall make stronger policies. The automation also enhances the enforcement of these policies. 

We can conclude that the use of the attendance management system will improve the employee presence with the help of the automation and detailed attention to all the departments and company locations. Thus, they will build a strong employee presence throughout the year at all the places and departments. 


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