How To Use Salesforce For Project Management?

There is no successful business without effective leadership. There are several employees working in a business enterprise and everyone has a unique mindset,


There is no successful business without effective leadership. There are several employees working in a business enterprise and everyone has a unique mindset, background, ethics, motivation and way of working. It is extremely important for a company to have able leaders who can unify the employee energies and make the most of the same in driving the business in a productive direction.

One such important leadership role is that of a project manager. If you are a project manager, you need to make sure every single activity performed by every single department involved in carrying out a concerned project and ensure that the best results come out of the same. Owing to the high digitisation of services and extensive use of business software platforms in carrying out critical business tasks, project managers have also been using Salesforce in the process of project management. The use of Salesforce would not only provide automation in the activities being performed by your team but would also ensure higher accuracy in the same.

Here are few aspects you should consider as a project manager regarding the efficient use of Salesforce Project Management:

Segregating and Managing Key Teams

No matter what the project is all about, it all ultimately boils down to teamwork. Two of the most important teams working for a project can be segregated as Account team that consists of members working on a common Account together, and Opportunity team that consists of members who cater to a common opportunity together. Salesforce provides a common and centralised platform to manage both the teams as its dashboard has all the Accounts and Opportunities matched and brought to a common platform. This will help you in dealing with the Accounts that are being handled and individual as well as collective Opportunities being handled by your team members.

Use Of Task Notifications

One of the most fundamental but important aspects to be considered by managing a project is to ensure that every employee is on their respective schedules. Salesforce Development has resulted in building the feature of Task Notifications that notifies each of your team members regarding the tasks they are to undertake and updates them regarding the same in real-time. This helps you to be on the same page as your team members and in making sure if all the tasks are being performed in sync with each other.

Undertaking Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to the success of any project. Salesforce provides you with enhanced platforms like Chatter that would help you communicate with your team members and your team members in communicating with each other. It is very similar to a social media platform where a user can post an update which is visible to all the users they are affiliated with. This helps in quick and effective communication, also allowing complete transparency within the team.

Using Field History

It is important to keep a track of every single activity performed by every single member of your team in order to ensure a project being completed successfully. The tool of Field History tracking offered by Salesforce helps you in keeping a track of all the activities carried out within the team while catering to the concerned project. This also helps you in pointing out any mistakes committed by your team and rectifying them by looking at the Field History.

Managing Project Timelines

One of the most difficult tasks to be performed is that of managing the project timelines. Salesforce allows you to make several relevant Reports and filter them according to your convenience in order to manage your project timelines adequately.

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