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Best Free Online Tools for Creating and Editing SVG Files.

With the range of free online photo editors, SVG file editing is now very easy. You will find basic tools for quick, simple editing from this article.

A file with the SVG file extension is probably a scalable vector graphics file. Use an XML-based text format of files in this format to illustrate how the image should appear.

Since the text is used to describe the graphic, an SVG file can be scaled to different sizes without quality - in other words, the format solution is unique. For this reason, websites and print graphics are often built-in SVG format, so they may be resized to fit different designs in the future. If an SVG file is compressed with GZIP compression, the file will end with the extension of the SVG file and maybe 50 percent to 80 percent smaller in size.

Game files can be saved with SVG file extensions that are not related to the graphics format, as well as other files. Games such as "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and "Grand Theft Auto" save game progress in an SVG file.

Best Online SVG File Editor:

SVG or scalable vector graphics is a file format that you can't open even with the most popular photo editing tools for Windows - Photoshop. Although you can open SVG with Adobe Illustrator, you don't want to spend money just to do it. Instead, you can check out these online SVG file editor tools that will allow you to edit and create SVG cutting files.

We'll take a look at the following free online tools.


Inkscape is one of the most used SVG editors that can be used freely and available for cross platforms. For Designer, Illustrators and Web Designer Inkscape is a Powerful tool for SVG creation and manipulation. In Inkscape, you can work in freehand which supports many types of popular formats and supports shapes and text.


Vectr is a free online SVG file editing application that you can use to edit any file. You can import multiple files into a single image. There is an option that lets you manage all layers of an SVG file. Other than that it has all the basic options of adding or removing a specific object. You can look for the grid option so that you can better edit your own image. During export, you will get multiple options. For example, you can download the edited SVG file as SVG, JPG, or PNG. You can get a unique URL that you can share with anyone. Also, share the edited image directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Adobe Illustrator Draw:

This free tool is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Adobe Illustrator draw comes with a simple and modern user interface that makes it easy to create eye-catching vector images. This is a surprising gift for the designers that provide free multiple tools to create and edit SVGs. If you have used Adobe products, you know that Adobe Illustrator is second to none.

Sketsa SVG Editor:

As a free online SVG editing tool, Sketsa SVG Editor includes multiple tools to create content allowing you to draw, manipulate and edit objects easily. It also has a source editor with syntax highlighting that will let you view and edit SVG XML source code.

Method Draw:

Drawing method is a very good SVG file editing application that you can use to make changes to your existing SVG file. From color changes to adding shapes, you can do anything with the Method Draw web app. This particular app will allow you to import multiple SVG designs. However, if you want to export, you will get two options, namely, PNG and SVG. The downside of this tool is that you don't get any "level" options. This means you can't do any layering. This tool has a clan and common UI.


Although Janvas is not getting frequent updates from developers, it still seems to be convenient. You can make it the most useful SVG file editor, as it has plenty of options for managing every aspect of the file. From making small changes like resizing, or making great changes like adding gradient colors to the font, etc. - you can do something with the help of populations. However, all options are well managed. If you are using it for the first time then you should not face any problems. One thing you need to know is that you can only import/export images from Google Drive.

Vector paint:

Vector Paint is a simple and elegant online SVG file editor that you can use to create and manage SVG files without any problems. Although it does not allow you to import files from Google Drive, you can use your hard disk to source your file. It comes with minimal options. For example, you can only add a few shapes, text, etc. The most useful thing is that you can add different plugins, such as markers, color pickers, pattern shape fill, and many more. To save the file, you will get three options, namely, SVG, JPG, and PNG. See the official website.


Vecteezy is another simple but feature-rich SVG file editor that you can easily use to edit all types. You can import SVG files as you want to create a single icon. To edit, you'll find several tools and options such as shapes, text, pens, selections, and more. When exporting, you will be able to discover two options, namely, SVG and PNG. The overall environment is quite user-friendly. See the official website.

The Wrap-Up:

You might experience some difficulty with images, especially with image resolution in the process of designing a user-friendly website. Image quality is important to get right — fewer things look less professional on a page than a distorted, poorly-scaled logo, icon, or photo.And this problem is only compounded by responsive design. Visitors are viewing your content on smartphones and desktops alike, so, along with the rest of your content, the images should be optimized no matter the device. 

As a professional designer, you must be serious about using a reliable SVG editor because a top-level designer will find the best tool. In this article, we have listed some of the best SVG editors from which you can easily find yours.


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