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While navigating a website, you might have come across short videos which explain the dynamics of the concerned product or service. These short online marketing videos are known as explainer videos. It is used by businesses for marketing or sales purposes to highlights the nature and value of the product or service idea effectively and compellingly. Explainer videos are placed on the landing pages or the website's homepage.

A good explainer video should be short in length to deliver the critical message concisely. It should have a strong call to action (CTA) so that the audience can understand what they need to do after watching the video. Moreover, it should address a specific problem, explain the product/service, and answer how and why their product is the solution to their problem. Choose the style and tone of the explainer video deliberately so that it impacts the target audience. The quality of production and content should be of high value to effectively communicate a brand’s value proposition.

To create explainer video maker tools, you need to design modern templates and develop an easy-to-use interface. Explainer video software has thousands of templates, video footages, music to create engaging video content. The use of this software has augmented in recent years. Around 93% of businesses believe that videos increase user understanding that accelerates business productivity.

However, while creating an explainer video for your business needs, you need to consider certain factors. Here are 4 things to keep in mind while creating an explainer video.

Strengthen Your Brand Messaging

To enhance the brand image with your explainer video's help, you need to figure out how to appeal, attract, and retain your customers. Your client base would like to know what to expect from the interactions they have with your enterprise and how it is different from your competitors. To make your product stand out across a similar market, you need to initiate the process by developing a good script with a clean design. Use compelling visuals with straightforward and engaging language. You can also embed subtitles to reach an audience who are hearing impaired.

Use your market research statistics to create a well-researched script depending on the subject matter using an appropriate tone. The style of the video should be able to communicate the idea of the product or service. You need to analyze what tone will resonate with your audience comprehensively. You should also confirm if you used animated or live-action graphics.

Make An Argument And Determine The Ambience

While creating an explainer video, you need to write down the script for the video. Keep the explainer script short and put the key message in the first 30 seconds. The script should directly engage with the audience and be as concise as you can. Every explainer video script always uses a formula, structure, and approach. You should not just talk about the problem areas that the customers face, but should offer your product or service as the solution. While writing the script of your explainer video, determine what relevant statistics will keep your audience engaged. You also need to strategically decide to what extent you should talk about the customer's pain-points.

You can also watch various explainer videos of different brands to understand how they advertise their product or service. You can pick up the strategic approach that is featured in these videos and identify the areas where you can innovate.

Answer Your Audience’s Needs

The explainer video should develop a strong call to action approach. Use a brief call to action phrases and strong verbs. A compelling call to action phrase employs specific words that speak directly to the desired outcome. Explainer videos should trigger the emotion or enthusiasm of the customers. You need to give your audience a reason why they should choose your product or service. You need to create an angle for your angle after thoroughly surveying your client base. Determine the age, gender, demographics, or your customer base to analyze how they react to your brand and what they seek from your service. You can pair the key message of the video with the insights you gather from the customer data.

You need to identify the best method to engage with the demographics of your target client base. It will help you to align your brand according to the customers' requirements.

Brainstorm Promotional Strategies

Promotion of videos is necessary so that they can reach a wider audience. Develop a promotional strategy so that your video appears not only on your homepage, but it flashed across various platforms. Explainer videos can be shared easily on different social media sites. Use SEO and linking strategy to promote your explainer video on multiple channels. Determine which social media site has the highest engagement rate. Using the right keywords can optimize the appearance of your explainer video.

To Conclude:

Explainer videos are efficient marketing tools that can be used to improve your brand's sales and performance. Use the tips mentioned above to create an engaging video that appeals to the target audience.


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