graphic design Some important tips and tricks for learning

The first goal of the new graphic design er is, he will one day be a large-scale graphic design er, the products he designed will outperform the world as well as earn good income at one time. But like other 1/3 professors in the designing sector, creativity needs to work on the trend of hard work and the right guideline, so to be successful today, I will share with you some of my personal experiences that will surely inspire you a lot

The first goal of the new graphic design er is, he will one day be a large-scale graphic design er, the products he designed will outperform the world as well as earn good income at one time. But like other 1/3 professors in the designing sector, creativity needs to work on the trend of hard work and the right guideline, so to be successful today, I will share with you some of my personal experiences that will surely inspire you a lot.


# Increase your interest in knowing what you can’t do


Suppose you were browsing the web to learn graphics design or to get more details, suddenly you visited a beautiful website, and you think you could do it, how would you like to do that? Yes you can, but you need to remember some questions immediately and solve those questions yourself. Check out the questions below…




  1. Try to understand how the graphics are performing?
  2. Which color scheme is used when designing?
  3. What innovation did he bring to the website?
  4. Does the angle have a special effect? How can this be done?


“I always try to do something I’ve never done before, and every day I learn something new”


# Ability to accept immediate challenges


You must have the ability to take the immediate challenge in order to succeed. At first, you will not be able to, but slowly you will be okay. And another thing to remember, you can never learn anything by watching a tutorial unless you try it. And if you have problems with the color scheme, you can easily find out by using this 2 addon.


HR Challenge Linchi Kwok Blog


  • For Google order – Eye Dropper
  • For Mozilla Firefox – Color District

If you want to know the actual size of another website then this 2 addon will be useful for you.

  • For Google order – Page Rural
  • For Mozilla Firefox – Misuralet


#Now you start researching


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If you have been thinking for a long time or thought that you would do graphics work, I call it FreeStyle, and I get many new ideas that work exactly the same way.


Joining the #Community


You must join the community in order to be a successful graphics designer. Currently there are many Facebook groups, various forums where there is a lot of discussion of graphics as well as you will find many tips and tutorials that will help you to do trendy.


community 2


Other designers will know how and what works. Here you will find many ideas that will help you to design a new one. You can submit your design samples to these sites like Deviant ART, Balance, Dribble etc. Get feedback on your design. Increasing your contacts because if you want to be a good quality designer, this will help you a lot in the future. Your submitted designs serve as a portfolio, so many people will want to hire you to see the many job offers.


# Joining different contests


According to their category, you should definitely join them, depending on the category that shows up on the web many times. If you do not think you can or will not survive, I would say you will never lose morale and start learning from the mistakes you made earlier. Regularly attend different contests, send samples of your work.




For your convenience, I am looking for some sites where Primetime content is launched.


  • 99Designs
  • Hatch Wise
  • Crowd Spring


A few words before joining the Contest


  • Understand exactly what kind of design the authority is seeking.
  • exactly what your client’s needs are.
  • Try to convince your client your words.


# Share your knowledge on a guest post or your own blog


You can write regularly, on your own blog or on various guest blog sites, you can also take part in the forum site. One of the top ways to catch the market on the web so far is to develop free content, which can be easily blogged. You will be able to continue blogging well by showing your experience. You will find that you have gradually become a popular author of that topic, and then you have a new client. So share with everyone what is inside of you so it will be more than a waste of time.



graphic design

Lastly, all I can tell you is that if you want to be a good quality graphics designer you can follow the instructions I have given you. And no one can ever be the perfect designer to correct his mistakes. You too make mistakes and start learning from your mistakes and you will see that one day you will be a very good web or graphics designer.

The tendency to draw is more! Want to do something creative? When the time comes to work with computer paint tools, Photoshop, Illustrator, trees, birds, flowers, fruits, home scenes or someone’s name or picture? Looking for a part-time or full-time job? Or working in the online marketplace to earn more revenue? Then think about the graphics design. Of all other jobs, the graphics design profession is the safest and hassle-free. The reason for being safe and hassle-free is that unlike all other professions, the graphics designer lacks any work. It is an honorable profession as well.



Field of work

Where is the need for a graphics designer? See where his walking


  1. 1. Interactive Media: Who can tell if this cartoon or animation is the funniest cartoon or animation we’ve seen on television or on various websites? A graphics designer! He creates the characters based on the story, the character and his needs. These characters are then brought to life through various software, adding different sounds, music and effects. As the use of the Internet increases, the global interactive media field is expanding, and the scope of work for graphic designers is increasing.


  1. Brand Design: A graphics designer has to create as many designs as are required for the promotional work of a brand. In this case he has to work on the target audience of the brand, the selection of the brand colors based on the type and name of the organization, the specific color scheme development, the creation of the mascot and the design of the corporate identity. Also, a brand designer does whatever kind of design is required to promote the company. From the medium to the present, there is a demand for brand designers everywhere. And hiring dedicated brand designers is also becoming a corporate culture. Day by day so the scope of work is increasing.


  1. Logo Design: A logo is the identity of every organization. Seeing this, every company knows its customers. Logo plays a major role in branding the company. And that’s why companies invest a large portion of the brand optimization budget behind the logo. This is why as a logo designer it is possible to get large amounts of money from each project. In addition to creating new organization logos, the old company logo redesign has a lot of work to do. Besides the company logo design, many companies create separate logos for the products. Project prices are high here too. And since there are billions of organizations around the world and many new companies are launching every day, the work of logo design is also increasing.


Graphic Designer 2


      4, Companies are very invested in this because the brochure is very effective in promoting the                product or service. It can also be easy to get the attention of customers as organizations can                design a marketing brochure in their own way. That’s why companies like these designs want             to be made with good quality graphics designers, and their project costs are high. As the                     global product promotion culture grows, the marketing brochure design field is getting bigger.

  1.  Website Design: One of the great job areas for a graphics designer is website design. graphic design Whether it is the local market or the online marketplace, the amount of web design work is constantly increasing. So, by designing the website, your graphics designer career can move forward with a specific goal.


  1.  Mobile App Design: The market for mobile applications will reach $ 1 billion by 2020. Who needs to design these applications that demand huge amounts of applications? Graphics designers!

The main two parts of an application are design and development. That means half of the huge market but the graphics designers! Need to say more about the field of work in mobile application design?


  1.  Magazines: Magazines published online and printed have the opportunity to show creativity in a variety of ways. From the cover page design to the last page, a graphics designer has to be touched everywhere. Also, a graphics designer has to work on creating advertising creatives in magazines, thinking about the benefits of reading to the reader and changing the design accordingly. This is why graphics designers have great job opportunities in magazines.


  1.  Corporate Reports: The reports or presentations that corporate organizations make are always in a beautiful and creative presentation. Reporting information from any other department of the organization is actually a presentation but a graphics designer has to do it. A graphics designer can also make a good income by producing corporate reports from different companies.


  1.  Newspaper: Newspaper without Graphics Designer! Not at all possible. A graphics designer makes a newspaper a readable newspaper! The honor of the design profession is very high here.


Blogging Girl

graphic design

Can be a design entrepreneur!

There are some sites where you can sell design templates. Suppose you design a business card that you want to sell in an editable file. If you give the design of the card to this site, the buyers of the site will like and buy it. And every time this same design is sold, its creator will get the money to sell the product at a fixed rate. On average, each design is sold from 125 to 7 times the average graphic graphic. As such, a design is sold for $ 1, but the total sales stand at $ 6,000 to $ 2,500. In some cases, even a single designer has earned up to $ 3,000 to $ 1,000. You can get a clear idea of ​​the sales volume when you go to

Interestingly, on this site you can sell many small designs. You can submit the required graphics for creating a website such as buttons, banners, different types of tables, backgrounds etc. In addition to different shapes, logos and cards, you can offer many different designs. Here you have to give a lot of good quality designs and if they are liked by the site authorities and the design is not in the standard and imitation of any other design then they will open it for sale. If they pass the graphic design verification they will set a design price, which can range from $ 5 to $ 5. In the first case, 5% of the money will be paid to the designer, gradually it can be up to 5%. Again you can sell designs on that design site, but for that you have to win at least one contest.


You can create a portfolio site of your own and if you do the marketing properly you can get a lot of work. There are many Bangladeshi designers who have done some Bayer work in Odessa or 4 Design, or many other marketplaces, and Bayer has hired him as a permanent designer for his firm. Besides, you can submit some of your designs for free on various design-related sites, and you can increase your exposure by publishing your design related articles on design rb_blog. .


Educational Qualification from Graphics Designer:

Educational qualifications are not the key to becoming a graphics designer. However, corporate organizations demand a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Graphics Institute. But no matter the degree, if you know the job well and are creative. This is like I’m an electronic engineer, but now professionally designing graphics. That’s why I didn’t have to study in fine arts or graphics.


To become proficient in graphics design:

  1. 1. You need to know the use of graphics and design software on the computer. For example: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Skill, Creative Vision and Communication Skills need to be improved.
  3.  It is best to have a degree in graphics design in order to get a position in a good company.
  4.  The graphics design industry needs to be up-to-date on the latest news.
  5.  Create a good portfolio, whereby you can leverage professional skills to your customers.


Graphics designer income

Graphics designer income

How much can a graphics designer earn per month? According to Designer Salaries, an international organization that works with designers’ salaries, a graphics designer can earn up to $ 1 million or about $ 1 million a year by working on graphics design. Diploma holder’s salary in Graphic Design in Bangladesh is Tk. However, the Bachelor’s Degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts can range from Tk 5,000 to Tk 2-5 lakh per month. [Source: BidJobs]


In addition, if you design a logo in the online marketplace, it can be anywhere from 1 to $ 2,000. graphic design, However, for large companies, it can be anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand dollars. In designing the first page of a website, you can get from $ 5 to $ 5,000. A full-fledged website can be found for anywhere from $ 200 to $ 1,000. Brand optimization and brochure creation projects can range from $ 1 to $ 1,000. As a freelancer, a good quality graphics designer can earn from the marketplaces 5 to 1 lakh rupees.


Where to learn?

In order to take graphics design as a professional, it is necessary to get training in a quality designer or institution.graphic design DaveStim Institute might be your first choice in Bangladesh, one of the leading institutes of IT and skill development training! We have organized 5 months of ‘Professional Graphics Design’ training to make you as a super-skilled graphics designer.


What will be taught?

What will be taught?

In order to understand the current market demand, it is important for a designer to know the required knowledge and use of the software. ৩ Masbapi This course will teach core graphics design, typography, use of graphic design software and tools, concepts about market trends and the theoretical and practical training needed to work in the online marketplace. Internships, along with life time support, have the opportunity to work with DevStim.

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