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Best General Physician Doctor in Patna |Best Doctor in Anisabad

Dr. Ratan Prakash is the Best General Physician Doctor in Patna, He has more than 27+ Years of experience in this field So he provides better treatment

General Physicians are exceptionally prepared authorities who give a scope of non-surgical medical care to grown-up patients. They care for troublesome, genuine or abnormal clinical issues and keep on observing the patient until these issues have settled or balanced out.

Much of their work takes place with hospitalized patients and most general physicians diagnose patients in their consulting rooms.

Their wide scope of aptitude separates General Physicians from different masters who limit their clinical practice to issues including just one body framework or to an extraordinary region of clinical information.



General physicians are consultants who care for patients with special or difficult problems. General physicians only see patients who are referred to them by other doctors, usually by the patient's own general practitioner.

Complex Care: General physicians are especially trained to care for patients with complex illnesses, in which the diagnosis may be difficult. The general physician's broad training provides expertise in diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting different body systems in a patient. They are also trained to deal with social and psychological impact of disease.

Global Approach: Whether the referral identifies one health issue or many, the general physician's assessment is always comprehensive. This global approach enables issues to be detected and diagnostic possibilities to be considered which might otherwise be missed.

Procedures: General physicians are prepared to carry out a assortment of medical procedures for the diagnosis and management of patients with severe and complex sicknesses.

Diagnosis: General physicians have special training in the usefulness, limitations and costs of most diagnostic tests. General physicians use diagnostic tests logically, safely and effectively to investigate difficult diagnostic problems.

Treatment: General physicians are trained in the critical analysis of research reports and drug industry claims about new treatments. They are knowledgeable about complex interactions of medications given simultaneously to treat multiple illnesses in a patient. The general physician has special expertise in making treatment decisions to help patients with complex and serious illnesses.

Pre- and Post-operative assessment: General physicians are frequently asked to review patients before surgery. They advise surgeons of a patient's risk status and can recommend appropriate management to minimize the risk of the operation. They can also assist in postoperative care and ongoing medical problems or complications.

Once in awhile, you are required to consult with a doctor for general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness. In many situations, we are physically weak and prefer to visit a doctor who seems an uphill task. Consequently if given an option we would rather prefer a doctor available with all the medical treatment facility including pathology facility.

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It is an essential practice to keep a check on your health. Regular health care aand Physician Consultation with a Qualified Doctor for children and the elderly must be a regular routine at certain interval


The unique combination of knowledge, training and skills distinguishes general physicians from other medical specialists and general practitioners. Through a rigorous and comprehensive training program, general physicians are:


  • Widely educated to deal with the entire range of the patient’s medical problems.
  • through, logical and scientific in their approach to providing expert diagnosis
  • Able to assess and choose drugs and other medical therapies wisely to prevent and treat disease able to care for patients as whole people, not just body systems ,and
  • Highly skilled in clinical decision making and cost effective use of dwindling health care resources



The role of a GP can vary greatly between (or even within) countries. In urban areas of developed countries, their roles tend to be narrower and focused on the care of chronic health problems; the treatment of acute non-life-threatening diseases; the early detection and referral to specialised care of patients with serious diseases; and preventive care including health education and immunisation. Meanwhile, in rural areas of developed countries or in developing countries, a GP may be routinely involved in pre-hospital emergency care, the delivery of babies, community hospital care and performing low-complexity surgical procedures


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