Choosing  Suitable Carpet Colour

Best Guide To Choosing The Most Suitable Carpet Colour For Your Home

Choosing the best carpet colour for your home can be very challenging. Everything including the texture, colour, durability, and design of the carpet has to be carefully considered.

Choosing the best carpet color for your home can be very challenging. Everything including the texture, color, durability and design of the carpet has to be carefully considered. The aim is to choose one that fits your home and personality.

It can be quite dangerous to allow the hardwood and the tiled surface of your home to show off. Children and the elderly can fall hard or even slip. Carpets provide the layer of protection that prevents easy slips and offers a soft landing for falls. Besides, your home will benefit from its beautiful emphasis and designs, and even the warmth it adds to the floor. These and more are the benefits you can get from having your home fancied with the right carpet.

The color of the carpet is a very significant factor to consider when choosing a carpet for your home. Let's be frank: your carpet's color is the first thing a person notices immediately they come into your house. It makes almost all the difference to the sight. We will help you through this guide to choose the perfect colour of carpet for your all-important property.

But first things first, know the colours you do not want.

The first step to picking the right carpet colour is identifying the colours you would never go for and taking them out of the list. They may be either not matching with the colour of your interior decoration, or you just think that they are too bright or dark. When you know what you don't want and take them out, your list will be narrowed down. Now, you can concentrate on the colours you can accept.

The colour and brand of your carpet are important. This guide will help you pick the most suitable carpet colour and tone; it will also tell its effect on your room.


Neutral tones are lovely and very effective for people who are not willing to risk things with bolder colours. They are usually matching with the home and are very versatile. If you want to change your interior decoration, you can choose to leave the carpet behind because it will suit the new colours and the subsequent one. Also, neutral carpet tones and colours create a relaxing, calm and restful feel for your home. The neutral tones include beiges, cream, and charcoal.


Are you ready to speak up loud? Go for the bolder carpets. They add life to the room and make it more interesting. When you use it well, it can stimulate and create different effects for your home. For instance, you can go for green if you want to create a natural-looking and feeling environment, but colours like orange will give you a vibrant and lively atmosphere. If you do not want everywhere to be bright and colourful, try inserting the brighter colours into small house areas like the hallway or staircase.

Light and dark tones

Choosing between a bright and dark-toned carpet depends on the size of the room and the effect you want to achieve. If you have a large room or one you want to make smaller, cosy, and intimate, choose darker tones like deep purple or blue. They are usually suitable for the living room and bedroom. But if you have a space that is smaller or without enough natural light, brighter colours will fit in more.

Besides checking for the carpet colour, get acquainted with the brand. If you find any brand with the colour and texture of carrot you like, read reviews about them online to see the company's reputation and if you can settle for them.

Know the theme of the room

The theme here is the colour of the paint and furniture in the room. What does it feel to achieve?  Is it too bright that you want something to hold it down or do you want a carpet that will just match up the entire theme? The colour of a carpet must match the theme of the house or be suitable for creating the desired effect. Bright walls, pillows and curtains will go well with a neutral tone. It will prevent the house from being too busy.

You can make a starter with your carpet. The key lies in knowing what you want. Your carpet can be a focal point that stands out from the other part of the room or a neutral one that quietly blends in.

Go to a carpet shop

You will receive professional advice on the most suitable colour, texture, and brand of carpets at the carpet shop. You will also get to feel them by yourself and pinpoint what you like. There, you will take some carpet samples home to test what is more suitable for your home.

Some tones and colours of carpets may look different from when you got them from the shop. This can be caused by the difference in the lighting of your home. Hence, you need to sample the carpet to see how much it fits before completing your purchase.

Understand the carpet trends

Carpet designs come and go, and if your aim of getting a new carpet is to spice up your entire home, you may want to consider the trend. However, some carpet trends are dated, so be sure to choose a design you will still admire in the coming years. The ultimate thing about choosing a carpet is your need and comfort. Ensure your choice suits your needs.

Amount of sunlight

Lighter colours are more suitable with rooms that receive a high amount of sunlight. The darker colours tend to fade when exposed to excess sunlight.

Amount of foot traffic:

If you are setting your carpet in a living room, know the kind of foot traffic that will occur in that place. Do you have pets and children? If yes, then go for darker colours. They will hide the stains and dirt, and also marks from high foot traffic.

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