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The Rise Up Dubai have vast experience to remake your home according to your wish and liability. We make your home high among all of its king in terms of beauty and Strength.

Executive Summary:

Home is the dream of every human. Home is the place where you came and relax. Where your family is waiting for you. Home is the place for anyone which can be made by dream. When you use your home it may be rotten many things become damaged and you need to make it fixed but it is very hard to find a person to fix it according to your wishes and dreams.

The Rise Up Dubai have vast experience to remake your home according to your wish and liability. We make your home high among all of its king in terms of beauty and Strength.

Rise-UP Dubai proudly offered you best working elite to work for you and make your shattered house to a master house.  We work in all deciplens from civil work to interior designing. And from plumbing to Electrification. We are present any time any where in Dubai.

Major Problems of old houses:

In a common household following problems are common.

  • Foundation Issues
  • Roof Leaks
  • Old Plumbing
  • Old Windows
  • Old Wiring
  • Poor Insulation
  • Out Dated Cooling Problems

In the metropolitan city of Dubai, these are some of the main problems that can make your life disturbing and annoying. If you face any of these problems just make a call to our number and sooner our representative will be on your doorstep to resolve this issue.


Here we describe the major causes of these malfunctions.

  1.  Foundation Issues:

The most common issue and most dangerous one is the rotten foundation. Because of which your all house is become in danger to collide on an instant. This major problem can be fixed by our experienced and work hardent workers.

  1. Roof Leaks:

In Dubai however, the rain is on very low rate but whenever it rains your leaking roof will become and headache for you. It does not even disturb your household it will destroy your electronic and electrical devices too. It will impact very heavy on your pocket.

  1. Old Plumbing:

In most old houses the plumbing system is a big issue because in old houses most of the plumbing was done by metallic pipes which can be rotten by time and humid weather of Dubai. Nowadays PVC pipes are used which are cheaper and long lasting then metallic pipes. 

  1. Old Wiring:

Old wiring is also a very serious problem because in this fast forwarding world the human is completed surrounded by gadgets and electrical appliances. If wiring is not proper it can cause very bad effect on your gadgets like burning and short circuits.  In old constructions, high-quality wiring and new technologies of wiring are not used. Which are not so efficient and cause in raise of your electricity bills.

  1. Old Windows:

In old houses, the windows are usually used wooden frames that are flammable as well as very easily rotted by insects. In the modern era, these frames are replaced by aluminum frames with efficient grills and tinted glass that make your house beautiful as well as secure.

  1. Poor Insulation:

In the hot and humid weather of Dubai, it is very important to secure your house with exact insulation. Insulation is not only secure your house from the outer environment but it makes your cooling solution secure inside which can make your Air conditioning less consumption of energy.  

  1. Out Dated Cooling Problem:

In the old houses, the air conditioning solutions are often older which consume high rate of electricity as well as they are not sufficient for the needs of today's household and environment. We have the people that restore your old machine as well as guide you if you want to replace it.

Salient Features of Company

  • Competent and Experienced Work Force

We are blessed with the highly professional and competent work force. They are from diverse backgrounds. They are highly competent in their work and trust worthy.  

  • Technical Staff

Our staff is not just a labor they are technically trained to install new objects and replacing the old one by understanding the environmental needs.

  • Supervision & Consultancy

We are able to consult you while choosing your Plumbing units and piping advice you best in our instinct.

  • Comparable Charges

We charge you reasonably for our services.

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