Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Sister

Best Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for your Fashion Enthusiastic Sister

Sister’s being a best friend of their brothers and a strong back support deserve some special memorable gifts. This Raksha Bandhan buy online rakhi gifts for your sister.

Sister’s being a best friend of their brothers and a strong back support deserve some special memorable gifts. This Raksha Bandhan buy online rakhi gifts for your sister.

Choosing a gift is a challenge in itself but when you have to buy a Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister who has a great fashion sense, it gets even more difficult. Why? Because you know how picky she is when it comes to the things she wants for herself and especially when she has gifted you a beautiful rakhi, the pressure of choosing the perfect gift increases ten folds. But you need to stop worrying and continue reading this article to find brilliant ideas for the best rakhi gifts for sister.

Amazing Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Sister

A Saree

You will never come across an Indian woman who does not have a liking for sarees. And honestly, how can they not? Sarees add grace to your personality and bring out the ethnic beauty of Asian women. Even if your sister does not wear sarees regularly, she definitely would have worn sarees at festivals and weddings.

You can buy designer linen saree for her of beautiful design and color to make her day. Linen is a very cool plus breathable fabric so she can easily wear it in a country like India which has an overall hot climate.

A Kurti

If your sister is young and does not wear a saree yet or if your sister or you personally don’t like sarees, your next option could be designer Kurtis. The reason behind putting emphasis on designer clothes is because if your sister is a fashion enthusiast, there are chances that normal Kurtis won't appeal to her as much as designer ones. Although you will still have to do a little homework to buy a Kurti according to her taste. 


Dresses and jewelry are the obsession of every girl who is into fashion. A benefit of gifting jewelry is that it can be worn again and again several times or unless it is lost. Whereas women don't wear clothes repeatedly because no one pays much attention to the earrings or bracelet that you are wearing and they won't even remember it if you choose to wear the same jewelry the next time you meet the same people. Plus, women tend to value their jewelry a lot so she will be keeping this gift of yours very close to her heart.

A Make-up Palette

Gifting a girl a make-up palette is the best thing that you can do to her, especially to a girl who is crazy about fashion. Go for it even if your sister already has tonnes of make-up because there is no such thing as an ample amount of make-up. Even though branded make-up palettes can be a bit expensive, it is a long-term investment since make up palette’s last long. It lasts a lifetime or at least till it reaches its expiry date so investing your money in buying a make-up palette for your sister as a Raksha Bandhan gift is totally worth it.

Instant Camera

An Instant Camera is a camera that instantly gives you a Polaroid picture as soon as you click a snap of something. In my book, being a fashionholic correlates to being crazy about photography and aesthetic beauty. This rakhi gift for your sister will make her fall in love with it at the first sight.

A Scarf

When it comes to fashion accessories, a scarf can be considered one of the best types of them. There are a hundred ways to wrap around a scarf and you can easily repeat your outfits with a scarf wrapped around in a different style each time to create a new and unique look. Like jewelry, scarves can also be worn repetitively because no one notices your accessories more than your actual outfit.

A Handbag

If you can afford to buy a designer bag, then you should go for it. Good quality leather handbags last a lifetime and of course, handbags are a very useful gift for any woman. Because women have to carry around a lot of stuff with them so they carry a handbag with them everywhere. Even though handbags are extremely durable, but after some point, it gets kind of boring to take the same bag everywhere so owning a good collection of handbags is the dream of every woman.

A Stylish Pair Of Shoes

Although the idea of gifting someone a pair of shoes sounds absurd to some people, it is actually a really unique and nice gift idea for someone who is a fashion enthusiast. A few facts state that the first thing you notice about someone who just entered the room is the person's shoes. So people who are very fashion-conscious like to pick their footwear very wisely. You can gift your sister a stylish pair of stilettos or if she is an adventure lover, gifting her a comfortable pair of sneakers could also be an amazing thing to do.

These few gift ideas will guarantee your sister's happiness on Raksha Bandhan and will ensure she feels as special as she made you feel by gifting you the perfect rakhi. If you are still confused about what to go with, try rakhi gifts online shopping and fully explore your options while sitting at home before you make your final decision.

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