iPhone 11 Overheating Issue

Best Ways to Fix the iPhone 11 Overheating Issue

Is your iPhone an overheating issue? If yes, then you need to know how to fix the iPhone 11 overheating.

When we make a list of iPhone 11 issues, then probably, the overheating problem will be listed on the top. This is a common problem that most smartphone owners have to face. From charging a device to leaving your phone in hot weather, bad quality battery to improper phone case & its material, there could be several reasons behind this problem that will make you visit your nearby iPhone repair center. But the important thing is to find its better solution to avoid such heating issues. Therefore, we have come up with this article to assist you in this matter, listing the best solutions that are ideal for resolving this overheating issue. So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the below-listed points that will fix the iPhone 11 overheating issue. 

Restart your device

If you want your device to be saved from this overheating issue, then it is good to try a simple way of force restarting your iPhone 11. Just press and release both the volume up and volume down button. Then, press the side button until when you see an Apple logo on the device screen. The force restart of your iPhone 11 removes the temporary bugs or software issues that are becoming the reason for its overheating. But if this method doesn’t work, then you can try the next one. 

Stop overcharging your iPhone 11

Yes. When you put your iPhone 11 on charging mode, then you will find your device overheating. So it is always advised to remove your device from the charger to avoid overcharging it. Most of the iPhone users use the third-party charger or adaptor which also leads you to the overheating issue. If your charger is damaged, you should buy a new one from the manufacturer or iPhone repair center The Fix Solutions to prevent your device from overheating. 

Turn off Bluetooth

Another trick to resolve your iPhone 11 overheating issue is to simply turn off Bluetooth. Sometimes, users forget to turn off the Bluetooth, and it keeps running in the background, hence results in the overheating of your device, which puts a diverse effect on the battery. It is good to turn it off if you don’t need it. All you have to do is to swipe the screen down from up and turn off the Bluetooth from the options. Disabling Bluetooth will reduce the heat issue to a great extent. 

Uninstall unnecessary apps 

Heavy apps in your device put an extra load on the processor to function it properly and also results in generating more heat. So, it is advised by the tech experts to uninstall unnecessary apps to fix this overheating problem. The more apps in your device, the more they will consume the power, hence affect the battery too. 

Call in a professional- The Fix Solutions

If no above methods work best to fix the overheating issue, then you can rely on the technicians of The Fix Solutions which offer the best solutions including iPhone screen repair, battery replacement, camera repair, volume button repair, etc all at one place. They will fix this iPhone 11 overheating issue in a few minutes. 

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