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Blockchain hits the educational system. A deep scrutiny!

Education has seen huge changes in the last few years. This transformation is mainly because of the inception of virtual learning and smart classrooms. Now blockchain is the next big thing that has entered this field. In this article let us see how blockchain can improvise the existing educational system.

Technically, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger where data is spread across many computers with no central control. This could transform governance, the economy, businesses, and the functioning of industries.

Now the blockchain technology is already here, not only for Bitcoin but offering many other services and solutions.

First, let us look at some challenges in the field of education. Students who opt for higher education at universities have to pay huge amounts of money and have become quite expensive. And sometimes, records and certificates get lost. Some candidates provide tampered or fraud certificates. 

It has become mandatory to look for secure and tamper-proof options in education as is already practiced in financial transactions. Definitely, blockchains are set to boost the evolution in the education sector.

Now let us go through a few of the advantages of integrating blockchain in the educational sector. 

Records Maintenance:

  • Educational institutions track students’ records for verification and other purposes. This can be simplified by record tracking processes through distributed ledgers. 
  • Blockchain offers simple and easy access to students’ records. The credentials can be easily verified by nodes on the network for authentication.
  • It reduces manpower and saves time for cross verification

Digitization of certificates and records

  • Blockchain allows students to completely access all certificates through digitization.
  • This allows educational institutions to validate and verify certificates, diplomas, and other credentials.

Secured storage:

  • It is necessary for students to download, store, and utilize study materials from centralized storage such as hard drives or cloud storage. 
  • So blockchain offers decentralized solutions for student’s problems. Such as storage of study materials, eliminating regional limit access, and more.  

Final verdict: 

Finally, blockchain technology will give people the best chance of determining their education path and a successful future career.

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