Gravity Roller Conveyor

Everything You Need to Know About Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems

The most professional gravity conveyor manufacturers often mount their items on castors to ensure convenient and hassle-free movement.

Before knowing anything you must know what exactly a gravity roller conveyor is! It is an unpowered roller or chute which uses the gravity force to propel different materials. A standard gravity conveyor is generally used to move goods and items with enough weight to let them move downhill without any assistance. These gravity roller conveyor systems can be extremely useful on construction sites to taking debris away.

A gravity roller conveyor system involves fabricated frameworks created in longitudinal sections. A constantly rotating tubular roller is placed on the top of these fabrications to allow for smooth movement of the goods and materials. These rollers can be used to transport totes, boxes, cartons, and other products with rigid bottoms in factories and warehouses.

Spacing between skate wheels or rollers may vary depending on the purpose of placing the gravity roller systems. As a rule of thumb, at least 3 rollers should be there to provide adequate momentum to move the items with great ease.

Why You Must Choose Gravity Roller Conveyor Systems?

A gravity roller conveyor system and gravity conveyor is amazingly economical. These systems are also quite versatile as they can easily be transported and reconstructed depending on the precise needs of your business. These systems are the most common type of conveyors at present and can be used for several purposes including the ones listed below:

  • Loading and unloading of delivery trucks
  • Delivering materials on assembly lines
  • Conveyance in packing and picking areas
  • Mounting carts, scales, and other necessary industrial machinery

Features of Gravity Roller Conveyors

Some models of gravity rollers are extendable which makes them quite flexible for different tasks. The sections of these systems can also be linked together as a medium to load and unload the vehicle when it is unable to enter the loading dock (for instance, if a huge articulated truck cannot fit in the loading spot of a small facility or warehouse). In some cases, businesses need a telescopic system that can easily taper in at the bottom. This ensures regular and smooth transportation of the materials one-by-one which is quite useful for packers and pickers at the end of the gravity conveyor system.

The most professional gravity conveyor manufacturers often mount their items on castors to ensure convenient and hassle-free movement. These castors can also be locked by using the braking system for more sturdiness whenever required.

Gravity Roller Conveyors Finish

Light duty systems are just perfect for handling materials and distribution. They are also available in a wide range in terms of finishes depending on the conveyors’ applications within your business. For example, steel rollers are provided by the gravity conveyor manufacturers in stainless steel, aluminum, etc. You must connect with an expert company if you want to know more about the best gravity roller systems and conveyors, benefits for your business, etc. A good service provider will help you understand everything well in advance to make an informed decision to make the most out of your investment.

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