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Why Your Store Needs a Food and Grocery Mobile App?

Millions of users are already using mobile applications for daily social and financial activities. So why not give them more convenience and functionality, and bring them vital essentials and produce to their doorstep?

When the recent pandemic hit, physical mobility became a serious issue, making the common errands for a basic bread and milk a nightmare. But that didn't shy away the millions of online users from their buying nature for basic goods and other necessities. What was really felt in fact was to bring the business to the consumer and not vice versa. As a result the on-demand economy came into existence. 

On-demand services have a place in most industries, but one industry made sure to make the most use of it - Retail. The same errands are now becoming a thing of the past as more businesses began to focus on on-demand grocery delivery apps to reach customers. 

Millions of users are already using mobile applications for daily social and financial activities. So why not give them more convenience and functionality, and bring them vital essentials and produce to their doorstep? Let’s see why a store needs a grocery mobile app in these challenging times. 

What Statistics Have to Tell Us

The statistics surrounding the on-demand economy are quite promising. Considering the economic and social situations around the world, the future seems very strong for businesses based on the on-demand model. 

From a mobile app perspective, the on-demand mobile market will bloom to a whopping $335 billion by the year 2025 according to a report by PwC. There is a growing 22+ million strong number of users for on-demand services, who spend more than $57 billion to avail such services across on-demand apps of different industries.

According to Statista, in the US alone, the food and beverage retail revenue is expected to surpass the $20 billion mark by 2023. More than 50 percent of all grocery stores were offering home delivery services, while more than 25 percent are expected to start offering online grocery services.    

Considering all these numbers, no wonder more businesses are moving towards food and grocery app development. Because of the ongoing pandemic, to speed things up businesses have also begun to outsource grocery apps to specialized companies building on-demand applications.

How Stores Benefit from Grocery Delivery Apps? 


The foremost benefit to businesses through a grocery delivery app is the convenience it provides to customers. People who are busy and work long hours have limited time who cannot exhaust further time going to the store and wait in long checkout queues. Through an on demand grocery delivery app, all that can be done through a few clicks. A customer also saves precious commute time in addition to fuel savings if the physical location is far off. If the weather is bad but the grocery apps are still delivering, vital necessities and goods can be delivered to the customer doorstep.  

Personalized Services

Because it's a mobile application, certain aspects of a user's mobile experience can be observed. This includes the shopper’s preferences, shopping pattern, most browsed pages, pricing, and time spent in different areas of the mobile app. All this data can be evaluated and averaged over a thousand people for example, consequently a business can get a better overall idea on what offers and items are prefered by their customers and personalise those aspects of their product line accordingly.This includes, promotion events, weekend specials or pricing, additional products of the same brand, clearance. 

Increase Customer Reach

Goes without saying really, with a mobile application a business increases the chances of people that it can reach to and vice versa. Without a mobile application, a business is limited to the number of people it can handle through in-store visits and may be via a phone call delivery mechanism. An app allows people from a larger geographical area to be accessible, subject to the delivery capacity of the grocery store. More customers means more revenue for the grocery business. 

Greater Visibility and Marketing

Through a mobile application, a grocery store business can be more visible in the eyes of thousands of potentially new customers. People often mistake the effectiveness of these digital platforms, in fact it is a great way to build your grocery business’s brand identity. A mobile application also allows the store to market its services and products to existing customers and new ones, based on the contact information they provide when signing up on thier mobile application for the first time. 

More Variety to Display

Sometimes a grocery store may not be able to display all of its products and fresh produce out in the physical store due to space constraints. Or may be there is increased risk of spoiling perishable produce especially the off-season or imported ones, hence they are in a temperature controlled environment in the back. Through a custom mobile application, a grocery store owner can freely display all of the product on offer on a given day without the worry of them spoiling faster, while increasing their shelf-life

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