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Online Grocery Delivery Services in Dubai (متحدہ عرب امارات)

Consider the recent Covid-19 outbreak; Dubai residents tried to avoid leaving as many homes as possible. Whether you are new in Dubai or a veteran in Dubai who wants a new way to avoid weekly trolley dashboards, here are 15 wholesale applications that you can use for food delivery in Dubai.

Do not all supermarkets offer shopping shipments in Dubai?

It's true that if you know who to contact, you can get a lot of things, from takeaway food to steamed Chai Hot Chai or clean laundry, sent to your door in Dubai. Most of the supermarkets did deliver, from the mighty hypermarket chain to a small local independent food store. And while the online supermarket in Dubai is abundant, using smartphone applications is even more comfortable. This is where the Grocery application in Dubai plays, helps you get what you want to convey to your doorstep. Here is a collection of popular wholesale applications in Dubai, along with meaningful suggestions, such as meat or organic retailers so that you can knock and swipe your way into a shop cabinet, fridge, and freezer full of household items. All grocery shipping applications listed are available for iOS and Android users.

The Best Grocery Application in Dubai

For shopping shipments in Dubai, this is an online application that needs to be considered as one of these bound to appear if it looks for 'shipping food services near me.'

Errandsboy Dubai:

The Dubai Errandsboy is easy to use - enter the address; then this application presents a various number of supermarkets close to the location. Select the preferment store, then select your product. There is a single minimum order of AED 20 in Dubai for free shipping, and you can pay with cash or cards on shipping or online first. The Dubai Errandsboy application also displays how long your shopping will take, usually in one hour, which we get is a small price to pay to avoid entering the car and queuing with a trolley.

Working in a way similar to Errandsboy, Trolley. Ae is another food ingredient online grocery shopping dubai that serves most residential areas and offers free shipping for more orders than AED 100. You can get all the items you usually find in supermarket applications, though you need to order before 07:00 if you want your food on the same day. Perfect for getting important things for dinner.

El Grocer:

Another Middleman application, El Grocer, chose the nearest partner supermarket to choose your items from online choices. Your food ingredients will be sent to your door in about an hour, depending on availability. There is no shipping fee, but El Grocer Dubai will receive commissions on whatever items you buy. This application is also available in Arabic, making it one of Dubai's best Grocery applications, serving all audiences.


This is an application for those who often buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Kibsons offers products from all over the world, including the right choice of organic products. You can even choose environmentally friendly packaging too, where they send your fruits and vegetables in a carton than a plastic bag.

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