boost your ecommerce sales

Boost your E-commerce sales with the below trending finish lines

know how to Boost your E-commerce sales with the below trending finish lines

The previous year was a year filled with sales crashing, record-breaking, awe-inspiring one. Fuelled up by the mobile, e-commerce in various countries reached more than $500 billion in the past year i.e 2018, which is a growth of 16%. This represents only 11.9% of all retail, the growth of online shopping is truly dazzling. 

Every online store carries almost the same goal that is to increase sales and traffic which will result in profits in return. It only sounds simple, but in reality, it is not as it sounds. Many people think that using e-commerce in an effective manner will lead their business to climb up the ladder of eternal success. Today, it is noticed that individuals spend their heavy time online, and thus enhancing the marketing strategy of yours will potentially increase more market and will drive more sales. 

Customers are craving speed and convenience until their doorstep, and vendors are thinking outside-of-the-box to create some really remarkable experiences for potential customers


Top predictions and trends for 2020

The need for experts in the field of paid media  

Paid media is a stream in which everything changes in one or another aspect every day. It is important to secure the returns by the team of paid media as it carries a high cost with the difficulty in retaining the team. It is one of the most evocative and expensive to boot. The days are gone when you can expect the return of $1000, 000 by spending on the paid media. 


Content and Commerce take precedence 

Approaching a content strategy in digital marketing has some significant challenges. Content and commerce both will move to be a moneymaker for the brands because the paid media and paid media team are a bit costly than other forms of sources. Those who can give the high-frequency content gains the advantage as digital content continues to take precedence among the consumers. 


The retail workforce will change  

To fulfill the offline experiences needed, it is essential to entirely change the workforce in the retail business. Various companies do not need to scale offline experiences. In spite, millennials will go on the track to dominate online commerce and digital marketing channels leveraging what is for the first time ever 4 generations in the workforce at the same time. 


Trends to be used in 2020

The goal of an online store is to drive traffic and enhance sales. Whether you are about to sell your first item or want to double your sales, you should be proactive in your strategies to promote your business. Fortunately, there are a lot of methodologies you can apply to promote your e-commerce. Therefore here are some of the ways you can apply to enhance the business of your online store.  


Linking to more paid media 

Google is one of the most dominant players in generating retail market and e-commerce sales, dragging back ads from various advertisers, and local deliveries from sites like Amazon. E-commerce retailers will be able to adopt the quick new Facebook Search ads and few of the retailers will achieve great success with it. A lot of Amazon Sellers will start to feel the profit squeezer as Amazon Sponsored Ads collecting gets out of control. 


Have the active Instagram 

With the help of Instagram, you can represent a big business opportunity. It has over 500 million users every day, Instagram as a social media platform has become increasingly one of the biggest apps, to connect the brand to the influencers and to the customers. But utilizing Instagram for your business is not an easy task to do, as you can just post a picture with a witty caption. You can enhance your reach by strategizing the hashtags at the right time in the day. The engagement of customers can be carried by using the giveaways and different contests, with your products in the form of prizes. With this, you can add the link of your product as well in order to give a direct link of purchase to your followers. If you want to generate more leads through Instagram read this best 9 Best Ways to Generate Leads Using Instagram for eCommerce.


Content, Community, and Commerce became the direct source of success 

In the world of digital marketing, content marketing and SEO are at the same place. Most of the E-commerce stores use the content to enhance their business. Online stores have their product images optimized for the searching part, but it's not the best practice to use for. Google is about to push more informational content to use for digital marketing. This is the time when customer experience and product quality are the two main cornerstones for engaging more and more of the audience to your store. So many people spend their major time online, therefore it’s very necessary to grab the attention of your customers by the way of content. 


Create a “Real- brand”: communicate, convert, measure and repeat 

It's a good practice to form your own brand and work for it. There should be frequent communication with your customers so that you can get their pain points. Just do the things to do the branding of almost everything for delighting and making your customers the happy one. When retailers connect with their audience through their brand, then only various successful examples can be seen. Thus the focus should be on developing the customer's relationships and brand association. 


Trap the press and influencers 

Publicity is one of the very old methods used to improve the popularity of the business. In order if you want that your audience knows more about your brand identity and products, you can publish the stories for posting, you can send that to the journalists and bloggers to help you promote your online store. 


In what way consumers shop across the globe? 

When interacted with the consumers and asked their shopping behaviors before making a purchase in a physical type, 39% of digital consumers have gone through a brand’s website, 36% were interested in reading customer reviews, 33% attempted to match the price of the product before making the purchase online and 32% of them were busy in finding the brand on Amazon.

In about the last six months, 78% of global respondents to different websites made a purchase on Amazon, 65% have made it in the physical store, 45% on a branded online store, 34% on eBay, and the remaining 11% on Facebook. 






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