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This is an entirely automatic washing machine with the highest capacity of 7Kg's. This superb silver color slick outside looking machine won't just care for your fabric but also raise the attractiveness of your location too.

SAMSUNG Washing Machine If you're seeking a Washing machine using innovative features and a fantastic outlook within a cheap cost, then washing machine price in Bangladesh is going to be the ideal one for you. This is an entirely automatic washing machine with the highest capacity of 7Kg's. This superb silver color slick outside looking machine won't just care for your fabric but also raise the attractiveness of your location too.

Let us have a look at a number of the critical characteristics of the SAMSUNG Washing Machine in a glance.


- This is a durable substance made Silver color slick outside looking washing machine with obviously specific features in the control panel. This sophisticated design will enable you to maintain the engine in your location.

- Six movement washing not just retain the dirt cloth free but also caring for the fabric.

- This can be an energy-efficient house Appliance maintains the power bill within the limitation at the close of the month.

- A smart identification system is always prepared to support you when you are getting a problem concerning the machine.

- Contrary to other devices, this SAMSUNG brand new High-tech equipment doesn't make any sound in the period of Wash.


- Nothing special to say about. One thing is that you're interested in finding numerous colors, and then you have to search the following model. Additionally, it is a heavyweight machine. Concerning moving this version, you will face a problem.

Layout and Dimension

Whirlpool washing machine price in Bangladesh is a silver color version of the washing machine made from durable materials. This fully automatic machine includes front loader. On the peak of the head, the panel is provided. Together with the outside of this construction interior, the structure can also be made from durable metals. An air-drying cleansing drum is given to scrub. According to the size, this system is readily set in your room website comfortably.

Washing capacity

That is a 7 Kg's washing capability base version of the washing machine with 13 applications and ten distinct options in the control panel. The overall capacity of this drum is 58 liters plus its power of 1000 RPM. It's ultra-modern six-movement DD cleaning, which does not just maintain the fabric clean and fresh from grime but also look after the cloths also.

Accessible Contemporary characteristics of this version are provided below.

Inverter DD: This technology connects the engine straight with drums with no belt or pulley. Because of these significant mechanical parts exude less energy that cuts electricity consumption enhances washing durability and performance and decrease vibration and noise.

Six movements DD: you will find six-dimensional movement washing machines are readily available. You may pick some of these in your cloths kind. Accessible six motions are broken up into two segments. One for successful Wash such as stepping, filtration, scrubbing along with other business is delicate Wash such as fall, swing, and rolling.

Smart Identification: this can keep you fresh at the time of virtually any mechanical difficulty of this machine. If you're experiencing any trouble, you merely need to phone in the SAMSUNG customer support. Then according to the specified education, your telephone will automatically associate with all the washing machines and discover the issue in addition to alternatives.

Powerful Wash with low sound: This washing machine includes high enough qualities to make your fabric clean and fresh enough for you to get a new appearance. Contrary to another version of the washing machine SAMSUNG Washing Machine create a low sound. It's the power of earning 1000 spinning per minute.

Suitable Control panel: consumer-friendly contemporary comprising control panel is provided, which can allow you to make the usage of the machine correctly without needing any issue.

Electric features

This is an Inverter technology foundation contemporary house appliance. This energy-efficient washing machine will probably be readily run using the standard voltage of 220V to 230V and absorb 550 watts. At the end of the month that your power bill will be changeable according to your usage of the machine.

Cost and Accessibility

SAMSUNG is a world famous brand, and they've socket all around the World, and also in Bangladesh, They've own showrooms in addition to traders. So you could quickly get the version of Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh readily at your appliances showrooms.

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