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Everyone wants that his or her brand should be well known in the market. Everyone should know that this is a brand that has the best things.

Shirt Boxes with Creative Designs and Graphics

Shirts are most common wear product so it is important to keep it safe and attractive. The packaging can help out in this purpose. So, to add eye catching view to the packaging we can add a number features in the packaging. For this purpose, we have:

  • Designs and graphics

Adding the latest designs and graphics to the packaging can make it look more alluring.  This can add creativity to your packaging. The designs can be according to the style and the nature of the shirt. Moreover, the graphics on the packaging can make it look expressive and give realistic look. These designs can be customized according to the customer`s requirement under the supervision of the experienced professionals. Our professionals are always available for your help to have the best shirt boxes for your shirts.

  • Colors to make your packaging vibrant

For these boxes we have latest color patterns. These color patterns give your packaging vibrant, attractive, funky, alluring look so that it can define your product. These can be customized according to the colors of the shirts. Moreover, if you are gifting these shirts to someone the colors can be customized according to the event. The box colors give a lively look to the packaging so that it can mesmerize the viewers.

T-shirt Boxes

Premium Quality Shirt Boxes at Wholesale Rates

For the best packaging the quality of the packaging should never be compromised. Moreover, if you can have it at affordable rates then it is cherry on the top. For this purpose, we have the most important packaging features that can enhance your packaging and make them long lasting.

  • Best quality Material

This best quality material can make your product stable durable and long lasting in the market. The material used for this should also be durable and strong to keep your product safe from damage. For t-shirt boxes we have cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material you can choose these according to your choice. As these materials are light weight and easy to mold in any shape due to which you can have these boxes in different shapes such square, rectangle, pillow boxes and many more. These boxes are also really helpful for the shipping because of its material, shape and size. These boxes are also available in different size so that your product can easily adjust in the packaging.

  • Wholesale rates

These boxes are available at really affordable rates. We offer all packaging at really reasonable prices as compare to our competitors. If you want these packaging in large amount than wholesale rates are good option for you. By these wholesale rates you can maximum at minimum price. Moreover, we also have price packages according to the features of the packaging. Similarly, we also offer flat 30% off on the custom t-shirt packaging box on special events to make your event special. Our price packages help you to boost up your business. All the details and packages are available on our website.

T-shirt Boxes

Unique Printed Boxes for Promoting your Brand

For the promotion of the product packaging is the best option. So for this purpose we can add a number of features to the packaging to make it well known in the market. Everyone wants that the people can know more and more about their company and products and for this adding some amazing features on the packaging can help out. For these unique advertisements of the product there are a number of features for this purpose we have:

  • Unique printing boxes

Printing is the best option to express your views and ideas to the next person with the help of amazing printing techniques. These techniques are unbeatable in the market so that you have the latest graphics for your packaging. There are number of different templates available to sketch the printings on the website. You can also add the printings according to any occasion so that it can express your feeling on the website. These printings can very helpful if we add company logo, descriptions and other information on the packaging. You can also add taglines and price tags on the boxes. If you are using these boxes on any event, you can add different greetings on the boxes.

  • Promotion of the brand

For the promotion of the brand and to make the customers know about your brand you can have company logo and other description but the box styles are also the source of advertisement of your product. For shirt boxes the box styles can be two-piece double wall front tuck and many more. You can also use window die cut to the boxes so that it can be used for the display purpose in the market. As well as you can add handles along with the boxes to make it easy to carry.

T-shirt Boxes

Why choose the iCustomBoxes?

There are a number of reasons for which you should choose iCustomBoxes. Other than the best features our customer`s satisfaction is really important. So, for customer satisfaction and feasibility we add special offers in our packaging services so that you can feel free to have our packaging.

  • Ecofriendly material

We offer completely ecofriendly material so that you can easily dispose it and reuse it. Moreover, it is completely weather resistant so that it can protect your shirts from damage. It does not damage your product in case of any incident so that it can help you easy to transport your product from one place to another. The waste rate during the manufacture of these boxes is low so that it cannot increase the pollution in the environment.

  • Free shipping

We offer free shipping all over the world. We are US based company but we accommodate our customer in every part of the world. Now you don’t have to worry about the delivery of your order. We offer fast delivery exact on time.

  • Other services

We offer free professional consultation for your help. We offer best customer services so that you can contact us any time.

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