buying guide for best cooking range in india

Buying Guide - Best Cooking Range In India

Buying guide for best cooking range in India - If you are buying a best cooking range, must have to read this blog. It will help you to make a right decision.

Want to buy a brand new best cooking range in India?


If yes, then let's start.

Buyers Guide For Best Cooking Range

First of all, we must know what the cooking range is.

A cooking range is a kitchen appliance that comes with oven and gas burners. Here two kitchen appliances are attached to themselves.

1. Gas burner:

The gas burner is the top. You can use it as a standard gas burner.

2. Oven: 

The oven is at the bottom.

It can be work on electricity or gas.

But before that, we have made a review of the best OTG oven in India. You can use OTG oven for baking, grilling, rotisserie. All the OTG ovens are for home use.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before buying a gas range.

1. What kind of food do you cook?

Indians prefer stove cooking rather than the oven.

But there are some dishes for which you need special tools to cook them like salmon, roasted chicken and grilled chicken.

The oven also helps you in making of oil-free food.

So, if you are this kind of chef, then go with it.

2. Does your kitchen have space?

In India, every kitchen has a kitchen slab for hob stove. Thus to make space for gas range with the oven you have to do changes in your kitchen.

In this situation, I recommend you to stick to your current setup. Changing it will cost a lot.

3. Do you have an adequate power supply?

The cooking range works n gas supply and electric too. So, it would help if you had it to do.

4. What is your budget?

Gas ranges are available on Amazon India online.

The price range varies from 40-50k depending upon features.

5. Do you have a service centre in your locality?

Before buying anything, you must know about its service centre. After-sales service is a critical factor of any brand, so choose your brand wisely.

Here are some best brands of cooking range in India, according to : Carysil, Sigma, Kaff.

We recommend you to read the article for review 'Best Cooking range in India' before buying. This article is a detailed review of the top best brand ranges.

The cooking range is not a common thing in India. But, it is becoming a part of our culture slowly.

A gas range with an oven has four burners on top and an oven at the bottom.

You can use it as a typical gas hob like it is a bit different. Also, you have to make some changes to your kitchen to fit it.

Standard features of Cooking range:

Four burners

Stainless steel top

Glass cover

Temperature control feature

Autoignition feature

Tray and grill rack


If this kind of feature has in any cooking range, it is perfect for investing in it.

Types of cooking ranges:

1. Electric range: It has three main types:

Coil top models: Cheaply available in the market.

Smooth top models: Mid-range price.

Induction top models: Known for speedy cooking feature.

Each has some advantages and drawbacks.

2. Gas ranges:

It has four primary types:

Standard models: Least expensive.

Mid-range models: Budget price.

Premium models: With great features and high price.

Pro-style models: Expensive cooking range

3. Dual fuel range:

These types of ranges are the best in the world.

Dual fuel range is also a expensive and premium cooing range. 

It has a lot of feature like 5 top burners, one or two ovens, wi-fi connectivity for controllng.


Buying a cooking range is a little bit difficult than anything. Because here you buy two things at a time: Oven and gas burner.

So, know your need first and then visit the market whether it is online of offline.



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