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Carry Your Greens To New Home – Relocating Your Terrace Garden Will Be Easy NOW

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Relocate with the safe and secure Packers and Movers Chennai.

Packing and shifting is a tedious task and the difficulty increases when you have to move in a rainy weather or in a cold weather. One probably faces a lot of issues when shifting in these weathers the reason being is – heavy rainfall damages your boxes and stuffs, they may sometimes also delay your shifting process; and relocating in a cold weather can again damage your boxes and stuffs because snowfall or cold winds have some moisture content in it which can make your boxes wet and with a time they may get damage. So, both the weathers have difficult challenges. But moving your house, office or vehicles with the top and best movers and packers in Chennai will make your all tasks easy and hassle free. All types of shifting solutions are provided by us – but what about shifting a terrace garden or greens? Do we serve this shifting service too?

Well many of you know this and many not because only few people have greens in their homes and only few people have terrace gardens out which 1 or 2% of them move. So, this shifting service is indeed a rare one.

But yes, Packers and Movers Chennai do offer this rare service again with an affordable price cost and high-end safety of your greens. Movers and packers Chennai are known for the house sifting, office, warehouse, gadgets, vehicles and furniture shifting, very few are aware of this that the safe and secure packers and movers Chennai also offer the shifting of greens. The Packers and Movers in Chennai are efficient in shifting greens also so if you’re planning to carry your terrace garden to new home then contact us for the best and safe shifting experience.

Lets us look to some facts or points you need to know and follow before your actually shift your greens and terrace gardens – with #Packers and #Movers #Chennai.

Do not plant new saplings

We all know and understand that how sensitive a new born baby is as compare to a mature one. Mom has to put extra efforts and be attentive for a new born child. And shifting with them is again very difficult for baby’s health. Like similarly new saplings are more sensitive in nature than the established ones. There is a high probability of getting destroyed with the change in atmosphere, heat, imbalance in temperature and etc. because these factors effect the saplings. So, Packers and Movers Chennai to Faridabad advice you to not plant any new saplings before your move, wait till we make you reach your new house.

Stop watering your greens a day prior

Okay, we comprehend that what this above sub-title speaks – not watering the plants may harm them or they may even die? The soil in your pot will absorb the water and thus the weight of pot gets increases. Increasing weight is not the issue but if you’re going to pour water in your plants or greens a day prior or even a few hours before your moving time à then your pot can create a mess in the moving truck or carriage. Since you’re a green lover you can relate that whenever you’re pouring water, the pot may release some water drops with a little mixture of soil in it. Now since if moving the plant having water in the pot, then the drops filtered by pot can damage your furniture or may harm your boxes. So, follow the advice of Packers and Movers in Chennai and do as we suggest you to do.

Do a small relocation of your plant by yourself

This doesn’t mean to relocate your plant or greens by your own to new house. But this indeed means to relocate your greens to plastic pots. Ceramic or teracota pots can easily break due to their nature. To make your pots and greens safe during the shifting, movers and packers Chennai suggest you to transfer or relocate your greens and plants in the plastic pots at least a week before the moving date. We know this is going to take time since you’re not moving just 1-2 pots but you’re shifting your entire terrace garden, so relocate your greens to plastic pots. And do not forget to make any delay in transferring the plants to teracota or ceramic pots back. Because plants cannot survive for a longer time in a plastic pot.

Hire a separate moving truck

Since you’re preparing to relocate your entire terrace garden then hiring a separate moving truck for this will work best. As your plants needs a little extra care and heat on time, so if you’re shifting your greens with the common household stuffs then they may die because of the suffocation and hassle in the moving truck, they won’t be getting air to breathe. So, packers and movers Chennai advice you to hire a separate moving truck – best and top #Movers and #Packers #Chennai offers you special moving trucks for relocating the greens where they will get a little heat and will also be protected from damage, rain and worse weather.

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