Causes of erectile dysfunction in young men

Causes of erectile dysfunction in young men

We all know that erectile dysfunction is common in aged men but is it the same with young men too? Not actually. Male impotence also known as erectile dysfunction develops by age and if someone young is experiencing the same, it is possibly because of psychological health issues. However, physical health concerns can also be the reason but not most of the times. Well, why not talk about the main causes of erectile dysfunction in young men and also some of its effective treatments. Let’s get started…


What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?frown

Before we get into the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men, it is good to know what this sexual disorder actually is and how psychological affects one’s erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disorder makes it hard for a man to achieve and keep an erection while supposed to indulge into sex. This dysfunction might happen because of either physical or psychological health concern, psychological in case of young men most times.

Now the question is, how psychological issues actually affect one’s erection. Basically, erection happens when you are sexually aroused and having any kind of psychological problem might block your stimulation and result in poor or no erection.Well, there are few psychological disorders found developing problem achieving and erection.


What are the causes of ED in young men?

Well, as we have already been up to this point, let’s summarize it. There are several causes behind one’s erection problem and psychological mostly in case of young men. Erectile dysfunction grows as a physical dysfunction by increasing age but with young men, it is an uncommon psychologically related dysfunction. Health concerns affecting erection of young men are-

  • Stress and depression: Day to day stress and depression does not only make you mentally tired and boggled but it also contributes in erectile dysfunction. Stress is a major reason blocking the sexual arousal. On the other hand, depression demoralizes the sexual desire causing premature ejaculation even if the man is erected well enough.


  • Performance anxiety: It is one of the major psychological problem developing erection issues. This anxiety basically refers to the fear of not being able to perform sexually well with partner. Performance anxiety causes either sudden loss of erection or premature ejaculation or both.


  • Low sexual desire: It is a generic psychological problem. When a person has workload and personal life issues, it is tough to get aroused, hence achieve an erection. Any man having low sexual desire can try out schedule and lifestyle changes for improvement.


What are the available treatments for ED in young men?

Not only young men, these treatments can be followed by anyone. We will talk about both the meditational and natural ways to cure erectile dysfunction/impotence problem. Indeed, these treatments will not only improve the physical but the psychological aspect too.

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ED medications

Let’s start with the medications because they are considered the first prioritize treatment by affected men. What these medications do to improve erectile dysfunction is, they get into the system and increase blood flow to penile tissues (corpus cavernosa) causing a strong and lasting erection. Let’s point some-

  • Viagra: Viagra is aFood and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. It comes in several dosage from 50mg to its highest dosage of Viagra 200 mg tablets. It contains sildenafil citrate which helps increase blood flow to corpus cavernosa and develop erection upon sexual arousal.


  • Cialis: Cialis is another FDA approved drug having tadalafil, from same family sildenafil citrate belongs to. Cialis works the same way as Viagra does but the best part of Cialis is, its single dosage lasts its effect up to36 hours straight.As most prescribed by doctors, Cialis 20mg is considered the recommended Cialis dosage you can get started with.


  • Levitra: Levitra is considered a strong alternative to Viagra and its equivalent. Containing vardenafil, it helps drive erection by of course increasing bloodstream to the penis. One who is supposed to get started with ED treatment, can pick its recommended Levitra 20 mg dosage.

Lifestyle changes

Not only medications, lifestyle changes can also help with erectile dysfunction. Or, one can follow good lifestyle changes along with ED medications for even better results. Well, some of the best lifestyle changes are- healthy diet, exercise, and stress and anxiety control.

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