Chatbots as Modern Marketing Trends, Do you agree?

Chatbots as Modern Marketing Trends, Do you agree?

At a point in life, we all require the assistance of a professional individual who can guide us effectively with a particular confusion or disability that we come across for the time being.

At a point in life, we all require the assistance of a professional individual who can guide us effectively with a particular confusion or disability that we come across for the time being. At this point, we look deliberately for someone associated with the problem we face to listen to our query and respond appropriately to overcome the issue and continue with our work. Some of the everyday situations that require such assistance include the following;

  • Making an Online Purchase
  • Ordering Food
  • Having Question Regarding an Online Context
  • Reaching the Customer Service Department of an Organisation (Telecommunication Companies)

The prompt support offered in such situations usually comprises a telephonic conversation in which we are directed to an individual having computerized access to the company's internals, who listens to our query and acts according to their approach. Otherwise, they are keen on transferring our calls to a relevant and technical department to look at the issue critically.

However, as the consumer base of various services is expanding unconditionally, especially for those who employ modern technology, such as the e-commerce industry, managing a vast number of calls at the same time becomes very challenging, and the ultimate customer service quality tends to get compromised.

Hence, to eliminate such risks and enhance the overall efficiency of responding to customer queries, a modern concept of technical chatbots has been introduced extensively. Rather than emphasizing on hiring additional staff members and getting far across the company's budget while keeping the results the same, organizations are now able to enhance customer service department with chat robots known as chatbots which will be assisting the customers in an identical way an individual did, but with additional features, more consistency and a high rate of positive response. We all have encountered an event with chatbots, either generating negative or positive returns, at various points in life and hence our perceptions are different across varied limits.

Are we assisted through Chatbots the right way?

Chatbots are also referred to as agents that profound the required conversation between two major groups, usually an organization and its ultimate customers. Chatbots are human-like computer systems that have been programmed using specific software to simulate interactions and mimic a human to assist an individual with their requirements. This approach represents an advanced solution based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is being encouraged positively across the world.

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In today's technically-advanced environment, we all are dependent on ways through which our convenience can be enhanced. We tend to order food, products, or any other thing through online platforms. Having a massive load of incoming orders, there are frequent mistakes in delivery, order placement, or payment services that immediately trigger our need to seek relevant individuals' assistance. This is the point at which we come across a chatbot at the "24/7 online chat service" box placed within several websites. The chatbots take down our query and look it within the database of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and then provide an optimal solution accordingly.

Now, let suppose we have a different query and is not available in the pre-set database of the company offering chatbot customer assistance. Will we have our issue resolved? The answer is a clear "no" to promptness and efficiency. In contrast, our query will be forwarded automatically to the technical team requiring us to wait until acknowledged. The relevant personnel takes an appropriate step of calling and reaching out to us. This process takes time, which reduces the interest of a user and discourages them from being assisted rightly.

Some of the Common Chatbot Services Witnessed Usually as a Marketing Technique

We all are the ultimate smartphone users in this world of advanced technology, and some of the brands we highly prefer to include Samsung and Apple. These companies have changed our brand-related perceptions, and we all have significant desires to be a part of their ecosystem in one way or the other. The reason we are so involved in these companies is due to their advanced marketing approaches. The concept of fingerprint security had been introduced years after automatic assistants had been embedded by the two rivals like Apple's Siri and Samsung's S-Voice (Modern Bixby).

Both of these virtual assistants are chatbots that have been programmed in a more efficient manner allowing the voices of individuals to be heard, interpreted, and then replied with the desired response (regardless of individuals' accent differences as an advanced approach). This marketing strategy was pretty attractive when we are busy driving or in an important meeting where using a phone to type or perform necessary actions such as replying with a short text message or placing a call could be difficult.

The usefulness of Chatbots as a Marketing Approach

Practically, very few of us admire such a service, and there is much more than chatbot attraction for us for being attracted to such giant brands. We prefer the OS, design, and efficiency of a smartphone associated with a solid brand rather than a tiny glitch which is hardly used. Yet, some might find it helpful and can get used to it as our parents and grandparents would be inclined to use Siri and Bixby's assistance, while we could only fidget with it to kill extra time, and that's true!

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